I finally caved. The Universe has been sending me too many indicators that I need to offer specimens in addition to the Medicine Jewelry.  Since most of these are unique, I will shoot photos of each, along with any pertinent data.

Each will be vibrationally cleansed and blessed, and each will be prepared carefully for shipping as I do with the jewelry. 

Please inquire about a given piece before hitting the PayPal link, because it may already be sold and I may not have had time to update the page. Sales tax listed is for Texas residents.  Shipping by priority mail depends heavily on weight and whether it will fit in a standard USPS box.

Selenite Sphere

Selenite Sphere:  $45.00
(plus $3.71 tax + $7.50 shipping)
Measures about 2-3/8" across. Weighs 12.2 oz. Along one axis you see the satin spar fibrous structure, and if you peer into the center you can see all the way through the ball well enough to read large print, though not as clear as Ulexite. I love using Selenite eggs or spheres like this one in doing energy work because it soothes the body and amplifies the energy in such a sweet manner. Like a great pearl of wisdom, it is useful to disperse erratic emotions and stabilize one's emotional state. Consider holding one while meditating.

Amber Chunks

Chunk o' Amber: 
$12.00 ea.
(plus $.99 tax + $7.50 shipping)

Most of the natural chunks of Amber measure around the neighborhood of 2", or palm-sized. Weight is negligible. The edges are naturally round and soft, and so is the finish. If you have the lapidary equipment, you can polish them up. 

Amber is fossilized resin and has a long history of being used by humanity in various ways in a variety of different spiritual ceremonies, usually to bring purification to the environment.

Healing Crystal
Crystal #3: 
(plus $2.64 tax + $6.50 shipping)
Measures about 4-3/8" long by 1-3/4" across by 1-1/8" thick. Weighs 7.7 oz.  One facet face has a bazillion little is a tiny record-keeper triangles. This one feels female, and apparently helps in being more aware of emotional issues. It certainly tweaked me on the nose!

Big Elestial Crystal

Elestial #1:  $65.00
(plus $5.36 tax + $6.50 shipping)
Measures about 3" long by 2-5/8" across by 1-1/2" thick. Weighs 6.6 oz. You can see layers and rainbows all in it! One side is a little crusty but self-healed, and the bottom still holds  the matrix material.

Tabular Crystal

Tabby #1:  $27.00
(plus $2.28 tax + $6.50 shipping)
Measures about 2-1/2" long by 2" across by 1-1/4" thick. Weighs 5 oz. The bottom is in the process of self-healing. There is a flight of nice sized record keepers (those little triangles that make it "go" on 3 of the facet faces. 

Tabby Crystal

Tabby #2: 
(plus $3.30 tax + $6.50 shipping)
This big honkin' Tabby measures about 6" long by 2-3/4" across by 1-3/4" thick. Weighs 1 lb., 8.5 oz. This one is male, and holds data and information. Helps with receiving. There is a rainbow deep within. You have to get this one under a LED lamp to make out the many faint record-keeper triangles on several facets.


Crystal #1:  $33.00
(plus $2.72 tax + $6.50 shipping)
Measures about 4-1/4" long by 1-1/4" thick. Weighs 5 oz. I collected this one long ago. It is male, and helps in focusing and achieving clarity and in sending energy, so it is a good one for a healer. You can expect it to get clearer with use.
Crystal #2: 
(plus $3.14 tax + $6.50 shipping)
Measures about 5" long by 2-1/4" across by 1-3/4" thick. Weighs 1 lb., 3 oz. This one is female, and helps with balancing one's frequency for healing.


I also offer a wide variety of smooth tumbled stones... the same ones I typically wire-wrap. They are ideal for carrying in a pocket. They are all cleared and ready to work for you.
I can offer most for around $5 each.

List includes:
Black Tourmaline
Amethyst (tumbled and points)
Pink Opal
Rose Quartz
Green or Peach Calcite

Ask if you don't see what you are looking for.


Again, the same ones I typically wire-wrap. They are all cleared and ready to work for you. I can offer most for around $12 each.

List includes:
Elestial Quartz
Green Tourmaline
Blue Aragonite