I've been collecting pouches for various uses for years.  I keep things hanging in pouches on my walls, I keep favorite rocks in pouches. I carry "medicine mix" in a pouch.  

My renaissance-festival friends use these for just about everything, too. They're decorative and versatile. I don't personally make these cloth pouches.
If you need a custom leather pouch, I can put you in touch with someone.

Sales tax listed is for Texas residents only. 

Red & Gold Pouch: $7.00
(plus $0.58 tax + $7.50 shipping)
(above) This round-bottomed pouch is made of a velvet-like fuzzy polyester material imprinted with gold-painted patterns, topped with a gold lame fabric, and lined with white felt. Measures about 8" across by overall 10-1/2" tall, including the gold ruffle. It really holds a lot.
 Great for costumes.

Little Red Pouch: $2.00

(plus $0.17 tax)
(above) This is what we call a jeweler's poly-velvet pouch. It measures about 4" deep by 3" tall. Great for carrying your favorite small stones, for storing favorite jewelry, and ideal for carrying a pendulum.            They are amazingly durable, though the velvet will wear off under heavy use.

Little Purple Pouch: $2.00
(plus $0.17 tax)
(above) Ditto.

Little Black Pouch: $2.00

(plus $0.17 tax)
(above) Ditto.