When something from this page is sold, it disappears from this page, never to return again. Please inquire about a given piece before hitting the PayPal link, because it may already be sold and I may not have had time to update the page.

I am drawn to making wands as tools for use in "sacred space".  
I don't make them on a regular basis, either.  Mine don't look or feel like anyone else's and my approach just isn't the same. Sizes range from palm sized at 4-1/2" on up. Each is one-of-a-kind, so when one is gone, it is removed from this page. Most of my wands are particularly well suited for manifesting, so by all means, please be clear on your intent when using one. These are not for amateurs.  You have to decide whether you are ready for one of these babies.

"Onesies" are one-of-a-kind items that I do not intend to produce on a regular basis. Sometimes this is because I cannot find a source for a given component, so that is the only one that will ever exist. Such components may be hand-carved by artisans, antique glass, or just plain odd goodies that I wanted to work with.

Sales tax listed is for Texas residents.  Shipping by priority mail is usually around $7.50 for most jewelry items in continental U.S. locations and that is usually good for several pieces.

Sand Selenite Palm Wand: $100.00
(plus $8.25 tax + $7.50 shipping)
(above left) A lovely double-terminated blade of what I call Sand Selenite, with a self-healed double-terminated Quartz crystal on the point, wrapped for stability with Amethyst, Peridot, Apatite, Tourmaline, Opal, two kinds of Jasper, Jade and Blue Lace Agate. The Selenite has been sealed in clear fixative to prevent chipping. Overall length is 4-1/2".  Palm-sized and packs an energetic punch.

Silicon Wand: $160.00
(plus $13.20 tax + $7.50 shipping)
(above middle) I'd love to find more of these laboratory-grown silicon wands with the conductive stripe down the middle of the bottom.  This one is tipped with a hand-knapped arrowhead, followed by an Elestial Quartz crystal, Aquamarine Beryl, a Jelly (Boulder) Opal, a piece of raw Kunzite and Amethyst chips, a piece of Citrine and a piece of Jet, all affixed with the very best jeweler's epoxy. Great for use in healing energy work.
Overall length is 7-1/2".

Clear Selenite Palm Wand: $100.00
(plus $8.25 + $7.50 shipping)
(above right) A lovely blade of Selenite, a very soft, feminine, energy moving stone. This is tipped with Kyanite, and embellished with Aquamarine, Jade, Moonstone, Carnelian, Apatite, Amethyst and Picasso Marble, all affixed with the very best jeweler's epoxy. The Selenite has been sealed in clear fixative to prevent chipping. Overall length is 5-1/4".


medicine necklace

Corn Maiden: $350.00
(plus $28.88 tax + $16.00 insured shipping)
This necklace is a "onesie" because of the bone Corn Goddess hand-carved by a Native American craftsman I traded with at a pow-wow some years ago... he has since gone to Spirit.  This one ought to awaken some past-life memories in one of you medicine people out there. Around the Goddess is bright Andean Opal, Amethyst, Turquoise and Jet (black Amber), then Hypersteen, bone beads, and more Amethyst and blue Turquoise. Rick Ferguson said in his energy reading that the energy of this piece is largely having to do with dealing with transition and transformation, like the phoenix rising from the ashes. It is "memorial energy" that deals with death issues, taking care of the dead and helping them into God's Light, and counseling those left behind in grief. It urges respect for the other side.  Length is 20".