I've always done full-custom necklaces for people. Over time, requests came in for something that would be held in the hand during meditation and prayer. After building several of these pieces, it became apparent that these need to be a featured offering.  I am not really sure what to call these things... I've been calling them "bolos", some people call them "malas" because they hold them like the Buddhist prayer beads, some call them "fidgits" or more simply, "my medicine piece".  So far, these have mostly been built for men who don't wear jewelry, yet need to keep something positive and comforting on them.  A great deal of time and effort goes into each custom bolo creation.
 Custom Bolo with jeweler's velveteen carrying pouch:  $150.00
 (plus $12.38 tax + $6.50 shipping)

Each bolo is custom-created from components channeled and selected especially for that customer.

Each bolo starts with a wire-wrapped center piece, then a pair of 6-9" beaded strands coming from the center each ending with a smaller dangle of some sort. An end-dangle can be one of the energy marbles, or a carved stone piece, or a smaller wire-wrapped piece, or something else entirely.

No limitation is placed on the types of stones used in these creations as long as they are something I typically carry.

If a customer has something in particular they want added, I will do so at no additional charge.


Bolo in Hand
 The one above, in the hand of its owner, features a wire-wrapped cobalt aura quartz in the center, with a hand-carved New Jade piece on one end and a piece of Ametrine on the other end. The other stones include a Carnelian bear, Turquoise, Blue Fluorite, Moonstone, Andean Opal, Emerald, Rainbow Obsidian, Phrenite, Variscite, Sugilite, Amethyst, Dumorthierite, Blue lace Agate, and Kyanite. It was ordered for a man who was undergoing treatment for leukemia... and I am happy to report he did very well.