There are some particulars you need to know about caring for these creations.  It is important to note that this jewelry isn't just any old jewelry. In truth, each piece is actually more of a toolto assist one in his or her personal/spiritual development. Each piece is a synergistic combination of stones and silver, which if worn or carried in your energy field, is intended help you on your path.

Each piece is mailed in a zip-lock bag that contains a pinch of sage, as a precaution, to help keep the vibration clear of any negativity that might possibly be picked up during the shipping process. You may choose to put this on some sand in a bowl and light it as sage smoke is very useful for cleansing the environment of negativity and chasing off any ghosts (does not work on aliens). It is good to hold your favorite jewelry in sage smoke to cleanse it. I do not usually use the culinary sage, so the sage your jewelry comes with may not taste good in your next chicken dish. Sometimes I run out of the Lakota sage and have to use the culinary dalmatian sage. The dalmatian cooking sage smells a lot like sweat socks when you burn it as incense, but it works just as well to clear negativity.

The stones often contain helpful minerals within them that can be absorbed through the skin.  If you notice you are "bleaching out" certain stones, you really need to check your nutritional intake and possibly check for the possibility of parasites beating you to your nutrition. For example, people who need copper will take the color out of green turquoise.

All silver used is "sterling silver", which is the standard .925% pure silver. "Sterling silver" does not mean that it will not tarnish. All silver tarnishes!  Tarnish can make your silver look anywhere from an odd brass color, to a copper color, and even to black. A little tarnish brings out the detail of the silver wire work, but too much tarnish looks bad.

This jewelry is meant to be worn, preferably next to the skin. Most of the time this alone will keep the piece from tarnishing. If you are not drinking enough water, or conversely if you drink a lot of soda pop, your skin will probably exude a lot of toxins and tarnish the silver. The condition of your silver jewelry is a good indicator of your health.

Each piece is hand-crafted to take a certain amount of punishment, but please be aware that it is possible to knock the smaller stones off of each assembly.  It is difficult to replace these stones once they've been knocked off. If you are going to do any kind of hard physical work, consider either tucking the piece under your clothes so it will not get snagged, or taking the piece off and putting it in your pocket. It is still benefiting you while in your pocket because that is still very much within your electrical field.

The necklaces and strung bracelets featured on this site are strung on the strongest nylon over stainless steel "tiger-tail" available. A silver polishing cloth is recommended to shine the silver tube and round beads. DO NOT wear strung jewelry in the bath/shower, and DO NOT soak it in any kind of jewelry solution or salty water because it will cause the "tiger-tail" cord to rust and deteriorate rapidly. Babies can break this stuff, too. If the polishing cloth will not work, make a thick paste of baking soda and water and rub the piece with it so that this fine abrasive will clean the silver, then rinse the piece in running water and pat it dry with a towel, then hang it to dry in a well-ventilated area.

The easiest way to cleanse the dust and dirt from your jewelry is to make a paste of baking soda and water in your palm and gently rub it into the wire work. You may use a soft toothbrush to get in between the stones. Rinse thoroughly. This will cleanse on both a physical and vibrational level.

Another possibility is to soak the piece in a solution of Miracle II Soap and water overnight. About two teaspoons in a cup of water should do it. It also cleanses on a vibrational level. Soaking some of the softer stones, like Angelite, can cause them to look a bit bleached-out. Simply take your favorite essential oil and rub it into the stone to restore its color as well as make it smell good. The stones appreciate and respond to the nourishment of essential oils.

NEVER USE SILVER DIP OR SILVER PASTE!  This will ruin your stones.

You will notice that the silver curlicues I use to decoratively finish my pieces have a touch of clear nail polish on them to keep them from getting snagged and pulled out.  I use the best stuff I can find. Sometimes this polish will turn brown. The only explanation for this is that the energy of the piece is so intense that the polish gets fried. Take a Q-tip with some non-acetone nail polish remover on it and take that old polish off, then scrub the piece with baking soda and water, pat it dry, and then apply some fresh nail polish.

If your medicine jewelry gets to feeling "bad", it will need clearing. You may feel pain in your hand if you put on a vibrationally dirty bracelet or ring. Sometimes a piece will pick up some "funk" from your environment.  For example, bars are extremely funky environments because the consumption of alcohol causes the dirt in people's auras to float around. Haunted places are funky both because they are usually in geopathic zones and because ghosts like to "slime" people, that is, dirty up one's energy field to both keep one from being aware and to make one physically sick.  The "Defunkers" shouldn't need clearing at all, and wearing one will tend to keep your energy field clean as well as the rest of your jewelry.

Hematite needs clearing on a daily basis.  Failure to clear it often will often result in headaches and body aches, and will certainly result in the piece blowing up or shattering. If you really insist on wearing Hematite, get two, and keep one clearing on a Harmony Board while you wear the other, then swap them out. Hematite is also very brittle, so a little funk is very destructive.

There are several ways of cleansing the subtle energy funk off a piece:
*   The simplest way is to hold the piece between your palms placed together in prayer, then bring in your angels to cleanse the piece.
*   You may also choose to hold the piece over some burning sage so that the smoke enfolds it.
*   You may choose to rub a cleansing essential oil on the piece, like that of sage, sweet orange, or cedar. *   Another good product is Enola Dominiak's "Purification Oil" available from Tranquil Thymes (see the Texas Crafters' Page on this website).
*   You may dip the piece in water that has been charged with a Gaia Water Ball  (see the Vibrational Tools & Art page on this website).  
*   You may put the piece on a One Force Harmony Board to rest and clear each night (see the Vibrational Tools & Art page on this website). 
*   In extreme cases, the last resort would be to send it to me for clearing and recharging.

I will usually service each piece for the price of the postage, but in circumstances of obvious abuse, there WILL be a charge.

It is common for custom necklaces and bracelets to "blow up" on occasion. Sometimes it is due to being "loved to bits", and sometimes the wearer simply evolves past that particular combination, and sometimes the piece will take "hits" for its wearer and just plain get tired.  I feel honored to fix and re-bless such well-loved pieces.

If you have any questions, please call
Rev. Suzanne M. Powell
Phone: (713) 937-3734