Due to popular demand, I am offering a line of quality sterling silver chains! All of these chains are heavy duty, composed of soldered links, and have strong lobster claw clasps. I have personally test-driven these particular chain designs over the years, and have found them to be petty much trouble-free.  These were scanned directly on a flatbed scanner and are very close to the actual size.

To clean any of these, either swish it in a glass of water with a teaspoon of regular Miracle II Soap then leave it overnight, or make a watery paste with baking soda and water and work the chain with it using an old, soft toothbrush. The shine will come right back. A more open chain like the Figaro can be polished with old-fashioned creamy-style toothpaste and a soft toothbrush. Naturally, if you find that the part of the chain that tarnishes is the part that's next to your skin, you might want to start drinking a lot more water.

Sales tax listed is for Texas residents.  Shipping by priority mail is usually around $7.50 for most continental U.S. locations and that is usually good for several pieces.

NOTE: Thanks to inflation and fluctuations in prices on metals, silver prices are likely to rise, both for pre-manufactured chains like these, and for silver wire and beads. Great for my investment in silver bullion, but bad for my inventory!

1.  Thick Rope (far left):
20" - $60.00

(plus $4.95 tax + $7.50 shipping)
24" - $66.00
(plus $5.45 tax + $7.50 shipping)

2.  Medium Rope:
20" - $38.00

(plus $3.14 tax + $7.50 shipping)
22" - $40.00
(plus $3.30 tax + $7.50 shipping)

2.  Thin Rope:
" - $42.00
(plus $3.47 tax + $7.50 shipping)
30" - $46.00
(plus $3.80 tax + $7.50 shipping)

3.  Arrow (third from left.):
(Sorry, it is Discontinued)

4.  Thin Box (middle):
The box link chain is one of the world's oldest chain designs, made up of little square links. It is highly resistant to breakage. The thicker the chain, the tougher it is. Takes a nice shine!
20" - $38.00
(plus $3.14 tax + $7.50 shipping)
30" - $46.00

(plus $3.80 tax + $7.50 shipping)

5.  Medium Box:
20" - $54.00

(plus $4.46 tax + $7.50 shipping)

6.  Thick Box:
20" - $66.00

(plus $5.44 tax + $7.50 shipping)

7.  Big Figaro (far right):
Darn near indestructible, the Figaro is known by 3 little links followed by a long link. Flashy!
24" - $67.00

(plus $5.53 tax + $7.50 shipping)

7.  Thin Serpentine (not shown):
Looks like a continuous, smooth 1/16" rope. It polishes very easily. Yes, it can kink if mashed just right. Flashy!
20" - $28.00

(plus $2.31 tax + $7.50 shipping)
24" - $31.00

(plus $2.56 tax + $7.50 shipping)