Fat-Free Spirituality
Handy Tips from a Big City Shaman
by Rev. Suzanne M. Powell

This book was written as a humorous, no-nonsense guide for the spiritually-awakened person on the fast-track.   The idea is to give people the advanced information they need in these puzzling times of accelerated spiritual development in a society that is simply not geared for it.
The book offers some precise answers to questions that many people still have, even after being "on the path" for a number of years, and includes a number of techniques and exercises that Suzanne herself has found very useful. The book also includes some useful information on healing, health and diet that you might not otherwise easily access.
Includes a useful bibliography, too.

This is the material that Suzanne teaches on a regular basis, presented for your reference. The material in this book has been tested, tried and found useful by a variety of people.

Chapters include:
The Spiritual Warrior
 So, What Happened?
 Who We All Really Are
 The Earth Mission
 Earth Changes
 The "New Age" Movement
 "Christ Consciousness"
 "The System" and Victim Mentality
 "You Are Another Myself"
 Issues Manifest in the Physical
 Alternative Healing Methods
 So, What's For Dinner?
 What's Reiki?
 About Universal Law
 Watch What You Say!
 Prayer Power
 "Doing Ceremony"
 Native American Tobacco Ceremony
 Alternative Religions
 Divination, Psychics and Teachers
About Channeled Material
 About Science Fiction
 Stone Medicine
 The Spirit World
 I've Been Here Before!
 Out Of Body - Back In Five!
 Near-Death Experiences
 About Money
 A Short Doscourse on Time
 Our Helpers
 Totem Animals
 About Psychic Funk
 Short Form Psychic Protection
 Advanced Personal Energy Field Dynamics
 Feng Shui & Radionics


Also offered is Dowsing for Martians, a light-hearted advanced dowsing guide which Suzanne co-wrote with Rick Ferguson.

So, who has the time to take all sorts of classes and weed through a library of books?
Where else are you going to get this kind of advanced, useable information collected in one place, this cheap?

These books will be e-mailed to you in the form of a printable,
indexed "pdf file" for the small fee of $8.00.

The reason for this method of "publishing" is to make the information readily accessible, inexpensively, without killing a bunch of trees to make a bunch of bound volumes, and without paying for warehousing or retail middlemen.