To expedite an order, please e-mail your order to  turtle_island_service@yahoo.com and be sure to enclose any information on size or preferences, plus mailing address, so the shipping can be calculated. You will be e-mailed a properly totaled amount. If there are any questions about the order, you will be contacted via e-mail. Most shipping is done via U.S. Postal Service. Suzanne loves to receive feedback and is happy to service all products that she makes.

All transactions are in U.S. Dollars only.  If there is any charge for converting or collecting on a non-standard payment option, the customer must settle this fee in full before receiving the order. Please see below for the easiest options.

Some substitutions on components may be necessary from time to time due to availability. Each piece is personally hand-crafted from scratch by Suzanne, so please understand that it often takes as much as 4 to 6 weeks to complete each order. Special arrangements are made during peak periods and for particular circumstances.

Average cost for mailing within the U.S. is about $7.50 Priority Mail for all jewelry orders. You will receive a shipping receipt with a tracking number in your e-mail.
            Signature Confirmation is an additional $2.50 per package if you wish to sign for the package. Please be advised that if you are not there when the mailman comes, you will probably have to go to the post office to sign for and retrieve your package.
            You may prefer to add insurance for a small additional charge, which is running $2.05 for up to $100 in merchandise, $2.45 for up to $200, $4.60 for up to $300, and $5.50 for up to $400 in merchandise.
            You have to advise whether you want signature confirmation or insurance.

We have two basic methods of payment:

(1) PayPal, which is a very secure online payment service. You don't have to open a PayPal account, just HIT THE "GO TO PAYPAL" LINK AT LEFT AND FILL IN THE BLANKS!  We will each be sent a receipt from PayPal by e-mail.  Both of us will pay a small percentage for this convenient, secure method of payment, but it is well worth it.  This service has always been very reliable. PayPal also does currency conversion for international orders.
PayPal does not have separate blanks for shipping, insurance or sales tax, so you need to communicate with me to get the correct total before going to PayPal.

(2) you mail in a cashiers check or money order to:
Suzanne Powell 
13539 Clayton Hill, Houston, TX  77041

If you send a personal check, I don't typically deposit the check until the order is ready, but I will have to withhold shipping the item for an additional week until your check clears.

SPECIAL NOTE:  When you contact me regarding a purchase, please check to make sure you DO NOT have the filter on your e-mail service set to "exclusive" to keep me from being able to reply.  This keeps me from being able to check with you on critical information concerning your order.  I will not bug you and I will not sell your e-mail address to any spam list.


Due to popular demand, Turtle Island Creations now offers a gift certificate!
Simply drop a line telling us who it is for and their address, and the dollar amount,
any sentiment you would like on the certificate, and then hit the PayPal link and plug in the desired amount.
You will be sent a completely customized color PDF gift certificate that you can print out and present to gift-ee!
This way, you can give them the very best and they can communicate their desires for look and feel directly with the jewelry artist herself! The results are greatly received!  

Turtle Island Creations does a lot of wholesale business. Proof of operating an actual registered business and a copy of the tax resale number are requirements. 
Please note that there is a $100 minimum per order to get wholesale pricing. The reason for the minimum is three-fold: (1) it is very important that the reseller has personal experience with this product line, (2)  I pay minimums each time I order supplies, and I stock a wide range of supplies; and (3) I am not trying to flood the market with my own work.  I do not drop ship. That isn't to say that I will not ever drop ship, but I will make the determination on an individual basis.

I am no longer accepting PayPal on wholesale orders because of their fees.
Medicine jewelry (necklaces, bracelets & pendants) is no longer offered at wholesale.
I will only do wholesale on pendulums, energy marbles and the angel & fairy art.  

It is important to point out that due to the high vibrational nature of these made-to-order and always customized jewelry pieces, some people may not be ready for this type of energy tool and may wish to return them. It doesn't happen often.

Please understand that these jewelry pieces are really TOOLS to assist in spiritual unfoldment. In order for a person to get the personal "good stuff" to come to the fore, it is usually necessary to dredge up and deal with the nasty little issues that have been impeding progress. It is very common that after the initial few days of euphoria after putting one of these pieces on, a person may experience their issues being brought to the forward in a very obvious way. Reports of suddenly attracting (or finally noticing that they attract) people of a certain stripe, or certain experiences, are common. This can be irritating.

If you are "on the path" and really want to get to the nitty-gritty of doing your inner work while shielding yourself from negative energies, then this is the stuff for you. You can't be afraid of your thoughts and feelings and still be on a path of spiritual development.

If all you see is "pretty jewelry" when you look at these things, and if you truly do not desire to work on your own core issues, you really should NOT be buying these products. You will be disappointed. You may even be cheesed-off.

If you are not satisfied with the merchandise, the purchase price MINUS PAYPAL FEES and SHIPPING will be refunded by check after the piece is returned in good condition.

If a piece has been damaged in the course of months or years of normal wear, repairs are available... often for only the cost of shipping and required materials... this service is considered an honor. Higher costs are incurred in cases of abuse. See the "Jewelry Care" page for tips.