Dear Rev. Suzanne,
 Thanks so much for the necklaces, which were waiting at the post office for me. 
 The defunker is as expected, and my sister, who has now perused your website, is really excited to see her aquamarine beryl.  (If she doesn't
 want it, I'm keeping it!)    I have been wearing my chrysoprase plus kunzite, etc., and can feel the energy.  My guides say its energy is right
 for me.  That is one of your gifts, I think.  I am working on adjusting to wearing a piece that is bigger than I usually wear.  I'll know better a
 little later.  I think my guides are telling me to try on a new image!
 Thanks, Rev. Suzanne.  If we are ever in the same area, let's get together over an endless cup of coffee.
 Blessings, light, and love,
 Allene Grossman

Dear Rev. Suzanne,  

Just got my pendulum.  I love it.  I got a great sense of energy off of it.
Don't know quite how to describe it.  But I'm still new to this stuff.  
I just know it feels good.
Thanks so much for the book references.
Take care and have a great weekend.

Thanks again,
Linda Blake

Hello Suzanne!

I would like to order a Defunker I - small ($35.00 + $4.90), a "Nervous" medicine bracelet ($35.00 + $4.90), a "Prosperity" medicine bracelet ($35.00 + $4.90), and an Absolute Truth Without Interference tool (with bail- for wearing) ($18.00).

If you remember, I had ordered a Defunker I pendant a little bit a go. I felt a significant difference within 3 days. I handle a lot of activity on the spiritual plane and so such a protective pendant is essential. I went to Cancun this week, I took the pendant off to go swimming, and then it was gone. I guess I wasn't the only one who was so taken with it! Since I am so impressed with its beauty and strength, I, of course, had to contact you to see if you wouldn't mind making me another one.

I have paid you a total of $137.70 via PayPal. Please let me know if you need me to do anything else.

Please let me know if you make anything with arganite. I hold a piece of it when I meditate and correspond with the spiritual plane but I wasn't sure if you made any jewelry or tools out of it.

Thank you so much Suzanne!

Jenn Pusch

It came, it came, it finally came.  Love it.  I have to make up cards so people will know what they are looking at.

I need some more of the defunkers RIGHT NOW.  My girls took one look and bought me out. I want more of the big arrowhead ones.  If you have 6 please
send them ASAP.  Also, I have some nice large stones I need wrapped.  What would you charge me?  I have a feeling we are going to be doing a lot of business.

Also, I like your warped sense of humor. I hope we can get together some time. 
Love and light,
June Benjamin
The Purple Rose

Dear Suzanne,
Thanks for asking about me, and thanks for the exercise you sent in your last e-mail -- I appreciate your concern and help.  Yes, I received the pendulum just fine and I love it.  I didn't mean to take so long to get back to you -- it's just been a particularly rough two weeks here.  I finally got the fixator taken out of my arm about a week ago and there's been a lot of pain (all over again) since.  Then right when I was going e-mail you back we had power outages lasting for two days so I had no computer until this weekend.  The energies this year seem to be causing nothing but trouble for everyone everywhere.   Anyway, I finally figured out a good exercise/healing routine and I've started making progress -- especially since I can get correct dosages for all the supplements I'm now taking with my pendulum and get some protection besides!
My husband brought the mail into the kitchen the day the pendulum got here and then stayed and started talking for a while, so I slipped the pendulum in my pocket for about 10 minutes until he left.  Wow!  It started moving a whole bunch of energy -- felt like it eventually moved it up and out the head.  When it was over there was this incredible feeling of being so much more solid and calm than I had been before!  Thank your guides for me!
That brings me to another order I need to place with you... 
The attacks I've been under aren't coming from anyone in a physical body.  This is all inner plane stuff, discarnate entities -- that much I know from what's occurred in the past.  So I've been asking questions with my pendulum (which I now carry with me at all times!), and found out that at least one problem involves some kind of energy problem with the master bedroom and my daughter's room.  What exactly it is, I don't know -- I don't think I want to know so I haven't asked.  What I did ask was if a Defunker pendant would clear it out and protect my daughter and me (apparently my husband is unaffected) and it said 'yes'.  It looks like I need two of them, one to place in my daughter's room and one to leave in the master bedroom.  So there you go -- two Defunker pendants please!!!
Maybe you can do a little dowsing for me and find out exactly what you've got that'll do the trick.  These guys need to be heavy duty, that much I can tell you for sure.  Let me know how much the total with mailing will be and I'll authorize the payment with PayPal as soon as I hear back from you.
 Thanks again,

Dear Rev. Suzanne,

I ordered the Lightworker and Medicine Warrior necklaces from you about a year ago, and I am incredibly pleased.  I'm living in Italy now, but will be back to visit my folks in early December, and I'd like to order more of your pieces.  I love your expanded line!  I remember when you told me about the new Defunkers you were making for the paranormal investigators, and there they are!  I've not worn anything else with the power that your necklaces have.  I would also like to order something for my mother.
Bright Blessings,
Wendy Clyma
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 18:43:48 +0100

 While surfing the net today for angel art I came across your angel named Alethia and I almost fell out of my chair. When were you inspired to create this angel?
 I lost my child named Alethia spelled the same way. My Alethia was 4 years old and although your art portrays an adult like figure the similarities are so striking. So striking that tears are running down my face as I write this. You see my Alethia is a mixed child. I am white and her father is black. Her skin was the same beautiful color portrayed in this art. Her hair is the same right down to the beautiful widow's peak. I have a picture of my Alethia holding her arms posing for the picture in the same manner. The prism and the rainbows portray much of her artwork that she would bring home from daycare. Countless rainbows. I used to think that she had an obsession with rainbows because even pictures that she would color in from a book, she would add a rainbow effect to. We chose her name because it means  "truth".
 It even sounds like my Alethia to tell you to do her like this. She was a very lively and take charge child in a beautiful way. You may think that this is crazy but I feel that she has chosen to speak to me through your art to confirm to me that she really is an angel and that she is ok. This is why I ask you when you were inspired to create this beautiful angel named Alethia.  I have been searching for some kind of peace since she has been gone. I miss each and every part of my little girl every moment of every
 Thank you for your inspiration.
 "Reneee' L. Ebersole"
 Date: Sun, 3 Nov 2002 14:36:39 -0500

Hello Suzanne!    
My Reiki friend Reg will be at my Master teacher's home sometime this week and then he will get to touch and see it.  
I did see it and Reiki it this past Friday and it was just magnificent!  My teacher said I could not have picked anything more "right" for Reg and she was sure he would love it.  I just returned from Houston last evening from my trip and yes,
I received my Master classes and attunement and am most pleased with the trip and the entire experience.
Many blessings to you and in your business, I am most pleased with your
artwork and so was my friend/teacher Geri!        
Donna Jacak
November 13, 2002

I missed seeing you at the monthly social last night :(   I want to get the $ to you for this WONDERFUL defunker that you have entrusted me with and which has defunked my Life!!!
I want to share with you that my sweetie Clint has asked me to marry him and we are planning on being hand fasted next Tue evening here at the house in the presence of a few friends and family members. We would like for you to perform the ceremony if possible. You are special to me and I can't think of a better way to begin a new phase of my Life than with your blessings on it. If you would be willing and available please let us know. Let me know how much you would charge us or if we could do a barter thing in exchange for your officiating the ceremony. Looking forward to your reply,
Blessed Be!
Mary Anne/SilverMoon

Hi Suzanne.
I love the pendant. I wasn't sure what to put it on and ended up with it on black cord. I put it on & had to go to work. Ended up driving with it on right away & was careful remembering your advice. I started to feel something physically that night. I am working part time at Borders Bookstore & when I wasn't waiting on a customer I could feel this surge running from my heart to my head. It did make me feel loopy.  I think I could feel the defunking happening.

Emotionally I think it make me feel very grounded. I have noticed a change in how I deal with things it seems to balance me out & keep my head clear. I don't know if you had a chance to read my last email or not. I hope you weren't offended by my joke about the spacelab thing... I love the way it looks but was I was afraid of how big  it would be.

When you have a chance can you run through everything that is on it & what each stone is for? I know the defunker is for chakra cleaning & negativity, the blue kyanite is to help you get in touch with your intuition. Is that pink quartz on the top?  Amethyst is on the top with the needle what are the stones on the back that are dark purple & black?  I don't know if you can tell me what my higher self said I needed help with. I would be interested to know but if that is something I need to discover on my own I understand that.

I lost the email on care for it. Would you mind running through that with me again. 

Thanks again for everything. I really love it, I wasn't sure what to expect. I do feel the energy from it. I think it will be a great aid to the transformation I want to make this year.

Kellee Rose

Hi Suzanne,   

Donna Jacak here... You had written to me and asked how my Reiki friend, Reg, liked the large Defunker you made for him.  Well I just received an email from him and he adores it and is wearing it nearly every day when he is awake.   He is feeling more grounded and centered and thinks it is due to this obsidian piece he is wearing.  And, he is very fond of arrowheads also.     

So we are most pleased and thank you again..  Keep up the good work..  
Blessings to you,
Donna Jacak
Wed, 4 Dec 2002

From: Sally Fox
Sent: Sunday, December 15, 2002 8:33 AM

Hi there!  I am writing because I can't find the name and info of the girl in Texas who makes the Defunkers~!  They are magical!  I am wanting to see if I can show them for her at the INATS show in Orlando in January if she's not going to be there.  Also, Please come and see me there- it's just down the road from you and it's a great show!  Hope to hear from you soon -

Dear Rev Suzanne,

Finally received the jewelry, pendulum and charged marbles in a box from my mom.  I love it all!  Have the metabolism, Gaia and anti-parasite balls in our Brita pitcher (one of each) and the others serving duty elsewhere in the house.  Have not used the pendulum or Prosperity ball yet, but I have worn the Absolute Truth ball, and it makes a big difference!  I wore it to bed the first night, and later that morning I took it off to put on the custom super-whammy necklace. Within 15 minutes or so, I felt completely drained, and couldn't figure out why.  I mentioned it to Fabri and he said, "Put the marble back on! Put it back on!!!"  I did, underneath my sweater, and it really made a difference. 

The energy lines in the house were healed this weekend (four negative lines), and the presence was escorted to the door.  I haven't felt a big change yet, but I feel good just knowing it's done.   Was in a fabulous mood yesterday.  We've been pretty drained, so it might take a while to recharge the batteries.

I get a lot of compliments on the super-whammy necklace, and I really love it.  I have not had time to sit and 'feel' it, except to feel that it is full of energy!  I laughed when I saw's so full of different types of stones, and that's just perfect for me!!  It suits me down to the ground, and I thank you.  Did you dowse for that entire combination, or did they just feel good to you? I'm curious.  It's a fabulous piece, and I value it greatly.  I'll let you know more later.

I wore the amber and moonstone (pretty!!!) the last two nights for the Solstice and full moon.  I made a lot of lotions, creams, bath bombs, etc. for Christmas gifts, and poured a lot of love and joy into them.  Had a great time doing it (boy I'm tired today, though) and it just felt right to wear that necklace.  Besides, it's really lovely.  I feel like it's full of light.

Haven't worn the Tigress necklace or hematite earrings yet, as I am wearing the Superwhammy every day instead.  They are great, though, and gorgeous.  What an spiritual arsenal I have!  Well, not really an arsenal, because it's not weaponry, but you know what I mean.  Quite the complement of tools!  Thank you so much, Suzanne.

I have to tell you, too, that my mother is crazy for her Arthritis necklace, and has noticed a subtle but substantial difference!  She moves more easily, has less pain, and feels better in general.  They just went from NC to their cabin in northern Michigan for Christmas, and she expected to get more inflammation and pain...and there was nothing! She feels great!  She wears it every day.  So there's another testimonial for you.

Thank you for everything, have a wonderful, joyful holiday season.  Thank you especially all the information you have given, and bless you for helping my mother...that means the world to me.
Joy and Light,
Wendy Clyma
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2002

Dear Suzanne,

Happy New Year!  I wanted to give you a report on the super-whammy necklace that you made for me.  It's interesting, because its effects seem to be more broad-spectrum than the other necklaces.  For example, I like to wear the amber and moonstone--so glad I bought it--when I cook, and when I handmake creams and lotions and soaps.  It seems to help me channel my heart into what my hands are doing.  I don't know if it hits everyone that way, but I feel a great affinity for all three stones in that necklace, and I just love it.  Wore the Tigress when I went shopping for a new computer monitor, and felt really grounded, it seemed to help. Effects were a bit more subtle, but I could tell that something was there.  And it's beautiful to wear.

I still wear my Lightworker when I do massage (if you remember, I'm a massage therapist) although I have to say, it doesn't seem to pack the punch that the new ones do.  Perhaps I'm just used to it, or perhaps I've cleansed it too much and it needs to be reprogrammed, I'm not sure.  It's still good to wear, though, and I love it.

The Medicine Warrior (I ordered Lightworker and this from you a year ago, it's what got me started) is still doing a fine job!  I wear it when I feel I need added protection and bravery.  I get a million compliments on it, too.  If the postal service and courier services were more reliable and affordable between Italy and America (they are abysmal in service, things disappear often, and it costs the moon) I guarantee I could market your jewelry and tools here.   The only issue is shipping.  The thing is, I can only sell what I believe in, and I truly believe that your stuff works!

The marbles are in the Brita pitcher and my baths, can't tell a big difference, except the absence of many chronic symptoms and no colds or flus since I started using them.   Also, the handicapped hit-by-car-have-a-plate-in-my-pelvis kitty is regaining more and more use of his damaged leg.  The paw is still without sensation, but he is using it more to walk.  I think this is a combination of the marbles, flower essences, and the fact that he's getting more exercise now.  The story is this:  I started using flower essences with my cats (a new experiment) with great success.  Just to give you an idea, Zucca (the gimpy kitty) spent two months hiding in one small bedroom, bath, and hallway of the house, where we kept him isolated when he first arrived home.  It seemed he would never come out.  One week after starting a combination of Healing Herb flower essences (based on Bach remedies) he was out and about in the house, exploring more each day, and now only goes in 'his' old room when we have company over.  The change was quite startling, but leveled off after he reached a more 'normal' state.  I worked as a veterinary technician for years, and we always scoffed at homeopathic vets.  But as I've gotten more into this myself, I bought a book called Veterinarian's Guide to Natural Remedies for Cats, and gave this idea a try.  Lo and behold!  Anyway, just an anecdote for you, in case you ever get asked.  I think the combination of essences, charged marbles, and lots of love has served my cats well.  How long do the marble charges usually last? Indefinitely, or are they more like a battery?

Okay, the SuperWhammy.  I feel safe when I wear it.  Energetic slime does not stick to me when I'm on the bus (and it did, even with the Medicine Warrior).  There are other, more subtle effects, but I haven't had time to think more about them.  Really loving it, though, and I think it is helping me pull everything together.  Things seem to be falling into place much more after the New Year...this has been a great week!  Going to wear it on the plane when I go to America next week, and keep it with me all week.  Will let you know more (in a shorter email, I promise) when it unfolds.

Now onto the new father loved my mother's arthritis necklace, but would never wear a Medicine Warrior.  My fiancĂ© wears a turquoise and an Italian good luck horn, but again, the Medicine Warrior or any gemstone necklace is too much for him.  I really wanted to give them something RevSuzanne-crafted, and was thinking...have you thought of doing car charms?  Something, perhaps Defunker based, that you can hang from the rearview mirror, put in the glove box, etc?  Also, although it is trite, perhaps a keychain.  I know Fabrizio would carry a gemstone keychain.  The idea came to me after my third rear-end collision (everyone hitting me), as well as other accidents in our car.  Someone ran into the back of it when it was parked, I bumped a pillar in a parking garage, my purse and hundreds of dollars in stuff was stolen from it, and evidently someone tried to break into it with a lockpick, because now the driver's side door will not close.  All this within six months.  Even for Italians, that's quite a record.  We are getting a new car--Fabrizio's sister suggested calling the priest to bless this one, and although I'm not Catholic, I had to agree--and even though I know methods of protecting a new or cleansed vehicle, I thought that perhaps you could make something that could help.  My Defunker pendulum gave me the idea, it seemed like a great size for something like that.  In fact, I just got a 1974 Fiat 500 for Christmas (think of the old Morris Minis, and this is the Italian version, teeny tiny car!) for Christmas, and I'm going to keep my pendulum in it once I cleanse the car thoroughly. It just seems, very strongly, like the right thing to do.  Not really worried, as this car has a fabulous vibe.  That and everyone assumes that a geezer is driving it, and gives it a wide berth on the road!  Still going to dowse with the pendulum, but it's home is in the car.  I would love to have some sort of a car charm, though, and something to put in Fabri's new car.  For that matter, I'd love something for both of my parent's vehicles.  And I think the marketing potential for you is great.  I know personally that many of our male friends have been interested in your stuff, and I'm sure this is the case for many of your clients.  Just something to think about, but if you choose to do it, let me know, I'll be first in line!

Have a great evening!  We just had our first snowfall here, and the contrast of white frosting on green grass in the Italian hills is breathtaking.

Blessing and Light!

Wendy Clyma
Tue, 7 Jan 2003 20:08:20 -0000

First let me start by saying that when I checked the mailbox today and got my BEAUTIFUL necklace you sent I was giddy like a kid with a new toy! I LOVE it !!!!!
Thank you so much, I tried calling you but got your answering machine. Now here's the kicker. I put it on immediately and about 30-45 min later the phone rang. I was offered an interview for a position that I faxed my resume to in response to an ad in the local paper here in the Conroe area. It is for a CPA firm in downtown Conroe. The position is a receptionist position and doesn't pay as well as paralegal positions like I am used to but hey it is more than I am making right now! I was excited that I heard from them so quickly and that they are interested in me. My interview appt is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. Send out some prayers and energies for me! I had a good feeling when I talked to the gal on the phone that called me.....
I WILL be wearing this necklace to the interview, the ENERGY is so strong that I could feel a pulsating the minute I put it around my neck. You are so special and I appreciate your being sensitive to the spirits and custom making this one just for me.
Let me hear from you, I will let cha know how the interview goes. I faxed out a resume on a 2nd job and mailed 2 more out yesterday so who knows??? anything is possible ;)
Love & blessings!
Mary Anne Thompson
Tue, 7 Jan 2003 13:05:16 -0800 (PST)

I got my necklaces today and my God they are beautiful! I don't know which one I love more. I love the obsidian arrow head. I am going to look into the other stones online to learn about their properties. Thank you so much.

God bless you.   
Laura Jackson
Thu, 27 Feb 2003 13:17:32 -0800 (PST)

Hi Suzanne,

It was great seeing you last Saturday, I thank God for the gifts he gave you and the way you use them. For I can't see myself without one of your powerful necklaces, and I can't believe the rest of the world is walking around without one. Thank you so much for clearing the once I ware and reenergizing them back up, boy do they feel good! and there's no question in my mind that the defunkers know how to kick-ass, evil doesn't stand a chance. Best of all when I don't have one on, because of the relationship I have with it I can call it, and it's energy is with me. I'm hearing heaven singing, don't you?

Love and Blessings

Mary Griffin
Fri, 21 Mar 2003 16:01:55 -0800
Rev. Suzanne,

I just got the Defunkers and they are much more beautiful than I expected, your web site doesn't do
them justice!  The pendulum you chose for me is perfect, it is so good to meet someone else gifted
with the stones!  I'm sure I will be in touch again real soon!  Blessings and Light!

Gina Doninger
Destarté, Inc.
Thu, 24 Apr 2003 09:07:27 -0700 (PDT)
Hi Suzanne,

My goodies have arrived and wanted to let you know how pleased I am with them!

The pendant is all ways! It is stunning to look at and gives off a nice energy. It hasn't bit me yet or made me dizzy! But I do feel good wearing it. I'm waiting as the days pass to see what results I will get. The Defunker bracelet is great and fits wonderful!

Thanks for the extras and for the flyers....I will get them posted in good places. I am SO glad I ran into that girl at the bookstore!

Thanks for all your good advice and for the wonderful "assemblies"!!

Peace and light to you,
Andrea Z
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 18:35:34 EST

Rev. Suzanne,

The order arrived in last Thursday's mail.  My sister will get her pendant tomorrow.   My Christmas lasts over several days. Everything is beautiful!  I really like the way my daughter's necklace turned out.  She liked her pieces.

Thanks for adding the tourmaline to sister's piece.  That piece is truly intricate artwork.  I must tell you our tourmaline story.  I gave sister and her husband a few pieces of black tourmaline several weeks ago to carry while at work.  Both sister and her husband are pharmacists.  They encounter a lot of sick, negative people while working 12 hour shifts.  They are drained, plus she has become a physical empath over the past year.  Sister was carrying her piece of black tourmaline in her pocket at work.  She had to quit.  Her tech became unbearable to work with while sister carried the stone, then returned to her usual self.   --- Sister said she would contact you later for a custom necklace, something to wear at work, I expect.

Would the defunkers be appropriate for a pharmacist to wear while at work?
They need protection, but not something that doesn't negatively affect coworkers and clients.

Thanks for adding the activator stone on daughter's pendulum.  You commented on the combination.  I dowsed for the stones to use.  In both my and sister's opinion, daughter attracts people that pull her energy from her. She's away at college, where I can't "run these people off".  A psychic reading from a Reiki master says we worry too much, that my daughter is an Indigo and knows what she is doing.  I later remembered that my daughter's first drawing of people had splotches of color outside the heads of the stick figures!

Thank you for your care and attention to our needs.  You put love into your work. Have a special holiday season!

Sue Davis
Sat, 27 Dec 2003 19:18:24 -0500

Hi Suzanne,

Just wanted to let you know that the pendulums and other piece came yesterday, and they're just wonderful!  Thank you so much!
In a couple of months I might splurge and have you make me one of your custom necklaces.  Feel free to email me if you don't hear from me by April, just to kind of remind me.
Have a wonderful week!

Donna Koss
Wed, 14 Jan 2004 13:45:37 -0800

Hi Suzanne - I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed visiting and being with you Saturday night.  I knew that the weekend held something in store for me, I was just so pleasantly surprised by all the events.  I am feeling like a new person and I know that I owe most of it to you and your incredible sense and designs in your jewelry.  My surprise is that I continue to feel better and clearer and more in alignment than I have for months as I think I was telling you.

Thank you again for being who you are and I am looking forward to seeing you again soon.

Much love and light.
Monday, February 16, 2004 1:44 PM

Dear Suzanne,

I got my necklaces in the mail today (I'm wearing the personal protection necklace and the earrings you included as I write this e-mail!)  - love the medicine warrior necklace, too! What a thoughtful idea to include kunzite!  Thank you very much!


Lynn Coelyn
Mon, 29 Mar 2004 14:29:08 EST

Subject: Pendulum
I can't believe this.  I am truly shocked at the accuracy of the pendulum you made me.  I contacted and old friend after asking the pendulum simple questions.  I found out she had 3 children, she did.  She was on her second marriage, she was, and said was working in a hospital setting.  She works in the neurology children's ward at Rush Hospital down town Chicago.
 Plus, some very simple questions I knew the answers to just to 'test'.  I have to admit, I was skeptical at first.  After a week now, I have gotten better and better with it.  I am very happy with it.
 I sent my recommendations to: Karen Baker, Cyndi Boehmer, and Natalie DaMico.

Thank you! 
Nikki Baker
Mon, 26 Apr 2004 19:29:06 -0700 (PDT)

I am still overwhelmed with the Defunkers.  I am so attached to both of them that I sometimes have worn them together for an experience that I can only describe and a "true mind-blower" and
very very very powerful.  I feel like I can leap tall buildings in a single bound with clarity and wisdom.  I only do that when I have been in some circumstances that I didn't want to be in and knew going to the mall near my office.  Dirtiest place I have ever been energetically.

I am going to the website soon as I send this to you.  I will probably just "have" to have another one!  Oh yes, the moonstone pendant, full of goddess energy.  I have had so many people who are just drawn to that pendant.  It changes colors in the center.  Very interesting.  Goes from a beautiful azure blue to a violet.  I just love it.

Thanks for the spelling and the info. on the Lechenya Meera.  I needed the info again.

Hope to see and visit with you soon.

Much love and bliss,
04/29/2004 10:58 AM

Hi Rev Suzanne!
I just wanted to touch base and tell you how much I've enjoyed my new pendulum. You really seemed to hit the nail on the head! Thanks so much for your guidance.

Karen Baker
Sat, 15 May 2004 22:31:39 -0400

Hey Rev. Suzanne!

I printed and read that "Fat Free Spirituality" book and read it at work, and man that is some powerful stuff you wrote about... it was all good, but man I tell you there was some stuff that I can definitely use and will put to use... especially about having a positive attitude and use of pendulums... I tell you, I put the use of prayer to good use, and man I am noticing some excellent results!  I am sure they will continue!

Josh Vickery
Mon, 5 Jul 2004 20:30:39 EDT


Hi, I received my necklace (the Pink Opal pendant). It is great.  Started to wear Sat. If I remember right, you said not wear it while sleeping, ok to wear while driving and of course all day.

My husband would like a piece made  up for him (this surprised me!). Would you need to talk with him or just sense him.  Or I can talk with you, but I would have to make sure my ego did get in the way.( what I think he needs as to what he wants.)  He generally doesn't get in the house till after 9 pm EST. The number is <deleted>.

Your are awesome.
Vicki Kuhns
Sun, 15 Aug 2004 10:36:24 -0400

Dear Suzanne,

I did what you said to do about the kling-on entity last night and it made the symptoms stop but I am not sure it is gone. Despite the pendant, throughout my shift at  work last night I felt extremely sad. I held back the tears till I left work, I had to leave early because I was just too upset. I was crying but I didn't know why, I was so incredibly sad, but there was no reason for me to be. So I went home and I lied down in a fetal position trying to get a hold of myself. I was freezing cold and shivering. I remembered your email that you had sent me with the instructions for taking care of a kling-on , if I had one. And so I pulled myself off the bed, got a sweater (mind you that it is 80 degrees out) and discussed with the entity what you had written and then I tried with all I had to visualize the white light after praying to Archangel Michael to lovingly escort the entity through the light. Afterwards, I immediately didn't feel the urge to cry and eventually, after about forty minutes I was back to myself. I was no longer cold and I was happy again. It was the strangest thing I have ever experienced. I have done so much work on the spiritual level over so many years but this is something completely new. I know these aren't my feelings. And I know this all started when I began working at the hospital a few months ago. But thanks to your pendant I am now at least able to discern which feelings are mine and which are not. If I am an empath, I need help learning how to control this and manage these entities because I think this is only going to escalate.

I know I can't continue to email you for advice so I am wondering if you know of a person or an organization where I might be able to find the guidance to be able to master this in some way.

In the mean time, I am going to create a protective circle and meditate asking for help and guidance. Hopefully I will leave with some answers.

By the way, I can't thank you enough for all the help you have given me already. You are such a good soul. Thank you.

Love and light,
Jenn Pusch
Fri, 3 Sep 2004

(NOTE FROM SUZANNE: Jenn is a nurse who picked up a discarnate entity while working in a hospital. She is now wearing a Defunker I pendant. I gave her a little coaching and she handled the matter beautifully!)

Hello Suzanne;
I am writing to you to tell you the Defunker 1 and the citrine and moonstone pendants came in the mail. Right away when I opened the package I could feel really good energy from them. I love the pendants; they are a beautiful work of art.
I put the Defunker 1 on a silver chain on and put it on. I immediately felt like a heavy weight lift off of my head and felt more energetic I feel a real good energy from these stones I really am happy with them and I have a feeling in the near future I will purchase another one of your defunkers. 
I just want to Thank you so much for designing these type of pendants please keep up the fantastic work.
Bright Blessings and Peace.

Maria Erika Auler
Fri, 10 Sep 2004

Dear Suzanne,
 Just a quick note to tell you that I loved the e-book you sent me... I managed to read it last night.  
 The list of books at the end is really helpful, as are the exercises, which I will work on, especially the gold sphere one. The book was very insightful in your no-nonsense kind of way.
 The Reiki section was enjoyable to read as well, since I'm interested in learning how to do it, Pranic Healing also.  I'll let you know what I decide on in terms of ordering....payday's in a few days...!
Love and blessings to you,
Tue, 28 Sep 2004

I received both the Lightworker and the Amber & Moonstone necklaces from you today.  Both are truly beautiful and have wonderful energies about them.  The Lightworker is for me and I just love it.  The other is a gift and I know she will love hers as well. 
Thanks again for such lovely pieces and for getting them to me so quickly.
Best regards,
Niki Fountain
Tue, 5 Oct 2004

Dear Suzanne,

I got it today!  I love it.  Thanks so much.
The energies are wonderful....kind of a cocoon-like feeling, very pleasant, over my head.  And of course it worked right away.
The main quartz looks like lepidocrosite in quartz, am I right?  I love the labradorite as well, as well as the amethyst, snowflake obsidian, opal, rutilated quartz, and anyolite.
I already had it handy while doing Reiki on myself and could feel heightened energy.  
What a wonderful gift to myself... I think this one was just right for me!

Love and light,
Thu, 7 Oct 2004

Dear Rev. Suzanne,
Here are my thoughts on your "Absolute Truth Without Interference" orb:
 Getting this "Absolute Truth Without Interference" orb ended up being the best thing that could have ever happened to me!  This is a very powerful tool, because venturing into this outside world, you tend to deal with a society of people who figuratively wear masks to hide their true selves from the world!

Putting this in my small pocket of my jeans really helps when I walk around an talk to people.  People who I thought were cool to talk to......either:   1.) wanted to get away from me as soon as possible or 2.) acted a little nastier than normal.  I was thankful I found this out now about these people than a year later!

When I first put this to use, I actually had a girl pretty much try to lie straight to my face... but her lie was so obvious, I was able to call her out on her lie, and put up some ground rules not to even try it again!

On a good note, people who I thought were completely un-approachable were just super warm to me... and saw these people when they are not trying to put up a mask (or wall) of un-approachability!  Also, when I do tarot reading for customers, I can get more honest answers from the cards and the which, that makes for a more accurate and cleaner reading!

That is my testimonial! 

Josh Vickery
Sun, 17 Oct 2004

Dear Rev. Suzanne,
I have seen the effect the Personal Protection II necklace has had on me. Your level of craftsmanship, integrity, and healing thoughts is amazing. I have never slept so peacefully before.
I thank you for your artistry and craft which present itself so beautifully in the pendant. The tourmaline is shielding, the kunzite is extremely gentle, and the turquoise has helped my immune system. You are truly a cut above others in the healing products industry.

Thank you and many fond wishes,

Sareena Sandhu
Tue, 2 Nov 2004

I received the pendulum for Michael today.  It is everything you said, and I am very pleased indeed...
 I've been re-reading about the stones you've used in his pendulum... No wonder it's so powerful... my goodness... upon first inspection, we were in awe of its vibration... And now, having a little bit more of an understanding of it, I am completely dumbfounded at the accuracy of the healing properties for Michael. Frankly, it's so wonderful that I've entertained thoughts of keeping it for myself (he does mirror me in many of my characteristics), but... if it's hard to give away, then the gift is worth so much more - and... it really-really is for him.

In fact, I showed it to my sister (psychic reader/healer) and to my daughter and they where as excited over it as myself.  All of us love the energy of it!  So... guess what dear Suzanne? 

My daughter, Audrey Marie Posey Cypher's birthday is 12/2... so, I'll be ordering a dowsing pendulum for her birthday present.  She lives in El Cajon (San Diego County).
And one for my sisters' Christmas present: Susan Marie DeBone Moore, La Mesa (San Diego County).   I'll go through your web site and pay through PayPal tomorrow (my payday).
Of course, now seeing  your work.... I am very much looking forward to seeing the bracelet that you will make for me too!

Until tomorrow,
Love and Appreciation,

Michele Faulkner
Thu, 28 Oct 2004

Hello Dear Sister - Rev Suzanne!

My daughter just left after a lovely afternoon & evening together.  I did give Audrey her Birthday present today (early), because she was just so excited and anxious to
have possession of it, and after the TD thing she experienced- well it was simply the right thing to do.  I wish you could have been here to see how happy she is over it,
and how quickly she fell in tune to it.  In doing so, I was able to share with her the delight of our-(you & me) other gift pendulums too... She was also greatly impressed
with your accuracy for each of them.  I let her take home her husband Paul's pendulum too...   We went stone shopping at a bead store someone told her about...
It was fun watching her practice dowsing... It brought her so much joy.  Thank you for helping me bring that to her.

By the way, I did purchase one of the books you recommended, Permanent Healing - which I'm very impressed with. 
Thank you very much for that pearl of information - definitely a great reference book.  And speaking of reference material, it is rather nice to refer to an over-all short-form
useful knowledge source... Thank you dear soul for doing that.

I'd love it if you had an opportunity to crash on my sofa!  It would be a great honor of which I know I'd gain so much education from for the hospitality!

More appreciation, Love and respect,

Michele Faulkner
Sat, 20 Nov 2004

I just got my necklace today! It is soooo beautiful! My daughter loves it too. Do you have any suggestions for one for her. Let me know if you need any info on her.

Thank you, again

Wed, 1 Dec 2004

Dear Suzanne,

Got both the e-books, thank you very much.  Working my way through the 'Big City Shaman' at the moment. Thanks for the trouble you are taking over the pendulums, it doesn't take a genius to feel the love that you put into them.  As far as doing major spiritual work, maybe.  Do you ever get the feeling that you are walking along in a fog with one hand tied behind your back trying to figure out what the heck you should be doing ?  I know we came from spirit, and to spirit we will return, and that I volunteered for this part of the journey but sometimes I feel like asking God please could you send me a few signposts with large writing on them, because i am sure that I must have missed a few ( or more than a few)  along the way.
Don't get me wrong, I am not griping, I am enjoying the journey more than at any other time in my life I just get the feeling sometimes that there is something more I should be doing.

You mentioned the name of some crystals  in your message, kunzite, turquoise and labradorite.  For the uninformed could you tell the particular properties of those stones.  As for the turquoise bead being a crusty old dude, that seems quite appropriate i.e. a crusty old dude for a crusty old dude ( well not that old).

Enough of my rattling on,   I surround you with love

Your friend,

Bryan McAlister
Tue, 14 Dec 2004



Sat, 18 Dec 2004

Dear Suzanne,

Thank you so much for the pendant that you made for me yesterday at Tranquil Thymes!  I can't seem to put it down!  The energy doesn't 'zap' any longer in the Lemurian Seed Crystal, but the Prasiolite has calmed it to a 'humming - thumping' heartbeat.  I do love it!

I would also like for you to make another pendant for me from the piece of black Kyanite that you gave me to hold yesterday.  The simpler, the better for that piece!  That particular piece of Kyanite brought me pure joy that I just can't forget!!  I don't need this before Christmas, but if I could meet you at Tranquil Thymes after the first of the year, that would be perfect!  Please don't put too much on the piece, maybe just some crystal beads, but I'll leave that to you.

Let me know if you need any other information from me!

Thank you again!

Winona Jacks
Tue, 21 Dec 2004

Dear Suzanne,

Thank you for the most lovely necklaces you made for me and my daughter Ann-Charlotte.
I'm sorry for not writing to you before, it was a deliberate delay though. I wanted to be able to report some results. I think especially of the Medicine Warrior you made for my daughter.  Yes, it does function!  I gave her the necklace and the Defunker on her name's day, 9 December (in Sweden it's Anna that day) and she has worn mostly the Medicine Warrior since then.  She's got lots of compliments, it's really beautiful. Most important is that things have eased up for her. Somehow things seem to go her way. It has had a calming effect on her temper.

For myself, when I wear the Dynamic Healing I can't keep my fingers off it! I like the feeling it gives. I haven't meditated with it yet, that will come. Christmas, New Year and Epiphany was an exhausting period but I kept fairly calm. I do sleep a lot though.  I have also got lots of compliments, mostly for the Defunker. The other one is more subtle. Those who comment on it are those who are interested in these matters. Others don't seem to notice. I kind of like to notice the difference.

Again, big thanks for the most lovely and lovingly made necklaces and Defunkers. They have and will continue to make a difference in my and my daughter's surroundings. 


Britt-Inger Jingryd
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2005

I received the pendulums yesterday, I am truly impressed, you did an excellence job in putting together the right pendulums for me. The pendulums vibrate when I start to use them. All my chakras are all balanced so I get great response from the pendulums I can also feel the energy tingling thought my fingers as I hold and test and item with the pendulum. I am amazed.
Today I mailed you a sample of my hair and my signature so that you can customize another pendulum for me. Thanks so mush, you are really gifted and I look forward to working with you as I learn the art of dowsing.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Michael Boney
Thu, 27 Jan 2005

I received my bracelet today.  I just want to say thank you very much.  It is very lovely.  I also bought the book you suggested, "Cure for all Diseases". 

Thank you,

Kelly Jank
Thu, 27 Jan 2005

Dear Rev. Suzanne,
Just a quick note to let you know I ran across your live journal page and enjoyed reading it very much.  You seem to be a very intelligent, interesting woman. I plan on visiting your website again soon. 
Thank you.

Bea Calabretta
Sports Unlimited
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 2005

Okay, I got the package right now in my lap. I haven't opened it yet! LOL! I thought you would want to be sorta kinda present when I do so here goes I'm so excited... drum roll please lol... Wow it smells good what is that?... Ok right now I'm just staring at it. Oh my god, its beautiful... goosebumps... I'm in awe... just put it on and that's what best describes what I'm feeling awe.... giggle I'm petting it... contentment, hope... I'll keep you posted! You rock, much love...

Cassandra Shorkey
Wed, 16 Mar 2005

P.S.: Any specific rules or anything like do I ever have to take it off for when I take a shower! ... well write back asap! Thanks a bunch. I look forward to your emails and a continued friendship ^.^

Greetings Suzanne,

Hope all is well, I received the package yesterday, you are a true artist, I'll continue to provide you with feedback as thing unfold. As of At this time I have no problems with the energy, no change at all.
Enjoy your weekend.
Peace, blessing, property, and good health

Michael Boney
Sat, 12 Mar 2005
Thank you,
Yes, I did safely get the pendant. It is truly beautiful and I particularly make a point to wear it during my meditation and prayers. I appreciate the 3 swirling designs near the top of the pendant as it symbolizes for me mind, body and spirit and also the 3 sisters, 3 daughter theme in our family. I am not too familiar with the bottom stone which was a heart shaped pietersite. I have read up on the energies of the other stones. It is beautifully crafted and when it is not in use I store it in a special box with the herbs of which I added lavender from my garden.
Thank you for your insight and thoughtfulness.
Kathleen Mathis
Fri, 22 Apr 2005
Yes, I received my pendants the other day. They are absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for all the time you put into them. I wear one or both of them every day and I get lots of compliments on them. Thanks Again!
Kate Engel
Tue, 6 Sep 2005
Hi Suzanne and thank you very much for the pendants.  
My sister saw mine today - the rainbow - and was speechless.  I told her I had one at home for her also.  She's at work but she's going to stop in afterwards. I love all three of them!!, but I'll give her the one you said was for her - Iolite.   
I had tried to email you the day they came in but my computer froze and has been visiting the local repair shop.  Just got it back and running yesterday.   I do want to get more pendants from you.  If you get any special vibes for something special for me please let me know.  I want to check out the site again tonight - can't tie up the phone during the day.  I'm sure my sister will check out the site again also.  She's the one that gave me your turtle island site when she first found it. She wanted me to try wire wrapping, but there's no way I can wrap like you do.  That has a strange ring to it :) I do simple bending of wire when making the rosaries - like the bows to connect, but that's it.  I'm busy enough with making my rosaries I don't need any more projects to
catch on.  I'll pass your site on to others.  
Thanks again and I'll be in touch as soon as my Paypal account has a few dollars to spare.  
Kathy Potrzebski 
Tue, 23 Aug 2005

I just wanted to let you know that I received my calcite pendant in the mail yesterday and that I absolutely LOVE it!!  I just sat there holding it for awhile before even putting it on!! Your work is truly sublime, thank you so much!!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend and best of luck with your motorcycle course!! : )
AnnaMarie Howard
Fri, 07 Oct 2005

The Kyanite Pendant is the Bomb!!! When I first opened the package, I thought this thing is really heavy and then when I actually saw it, I could not stop laughing at it (The energy is wonderful). This is exactly the kind of jewelry my brother loves, He said he could feel it's energy right away.
He was so taken by the pendant that he almost became emotional and he would not stop hugging me. Which you deserve all the hugs.
Thanks Suzanne you’re the best!!!!! I'll be ordering mine next!!!
Omar Hughes
Fri, 21 Oct 2005

Dear Rev. Suzanne,

My order was received today, and I really do thank you. It is just as beautiful physically as it was on your website. You are truly blessed and gifted to do such great works for others (such as someone like me who came through a very tough life).
Thanks to you and yours... I know that I too will be blessed by wearing this pendant. May you continue in perfect health, happiness,
and good success!!!

Emma Branch
Wed, 19 Oct 2005

(NOTE FROM SUZANNE: Christopher is a really charming, intelligent and funny man... was in a relationship with a dysfunctional woman who wouldn't take responsibility for herself and at the same time kept stringing him along. The Defunker cut the cords and removed the blinders so he could move on. Notice the change in tone.)

Hi Suzanne,
All your pieces arrived today, save for, of course the harmony board.
They look and feel fantastic. We shall see how she feels about the
Defunker. She definitely needs something to get her on track.
Christopher Eisenhart
Fri, 14 Oct 2005
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

<regarding the "Blue WooWoo" Necklace>
Hi Suzanne,
You and Rick weren't s***ing, that thing will suck out your wisdom teeth and anything else. Yazahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Fri, 14 Oct 2005
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Hi Suzanne,
I thank you for your pendants, pendulums and necklaces. The pendulums have given me the truth in that sordid affair.
She will NOT get the Defunker. She is on a path that defies description.
I have sent her a Dear Joan letter. And she is awash with bad baggage, and I will have nothing to do with it anymore.
Interesting, I was plagued with unwanted smut crap over the internet. But after cutting the cord, the smut has ended!
Christopher Eisenhart
Tue, 18 Oct 2005

Hi Rev Suzanne,
Got my box of TREASURES yesterday afternoon. I'm absolutely giddy!  I LOVE each and every one of them!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
I can't wait to share them with my special clients.  It will be hard to part with them since I want them all but I will. I'm keeping a few that resonated very strong with me.
When I put on the Smooth Clarity my whole chest expands with a delicious cool feeling.  Have never felt that from a necklace before!  So I'm keeping that one.  Also the Starchild, Psychic Development and of course the amazing Angelite.  Not too bad considering I'm parting with more than I'm keeping... LOL. I really appreciate that you shipped them packaged in sweetgrass.  What a wonderful touch.  My heart started to pound when I opened the box. I can't thank you enough for sharing your wonderful talent with me. :-)
Love & Light
Deborha Kerr
Living with COLOUR
Tue, 22 Nov 2005

Dear Rev Suzanne,
     I got my package and I absolutely love the necklace. Thank you so much! Also thanks for the Gaia Balls. You really didn't have to send anything extra. I will be ordering again from you in the near future. Everyone who has seen the necklace has asked where I got from, so you may be getting a bit more business from them.
Thank you again so much,
Lori Cohey-Hassell
Sat, 19 Nov 2005

Hi Suzanne!
I just wanted to let you know that the pendants arrived today.  They are beautiful.  Thank you so much for all that you did in putting them together and getting them to me so quickly. 

All the Best,

Joan Dulworth
Thu, 15 Dec 2005

Thank you very much for the lemurian pendants!  I finally got to my parents house and am very happy with them both!  I hope to be doing further business with you in the near future! 
Thanks again....
Nick Szumowski
Sun, 11 Dec 2005

Hi Suzanne,
Yes I did most certainly get the order, and forwarded it to the UK the next day. My friend was very pleased with it and found the energy very much to his liking. He says he feels drawn to use it for dowsing, and is in the process of finding just the right chain to use with it. I liked it myself so don't be surprised if you get another order soon. I've been looking at several of your pieces, just need to narrow down my choices a bit ROFL. Thanks again.
Laurie Jackson  :)
Sat, 31 Dec 2005

I am opening a store in roughly 2 months and absolutely FELL IN LOVE with your Medicine Pendants!!! Is there a way I can sell these in my store???  You do amazing work!!!
Thanks in advance.

Julie Sperandeo
Wed, 11 Jan 2006
Hi Suzanne,

Thank you for your time on the telephone last week. I checked out, a remarkable place. It is a website that works, a website that is the primary client interface for a company. It is a serious website, dedicated to helping its clientele learn about and choose from its products.  Turtle Island shows a certain side of you.  It shows that you are competent with the language, sensitive to the needs of your prospects, and profusely versed in your products and their background.
Turtle Island lives as proof of the effectiveness of your intentions.
I really, really liked it.

Best regards,
Tom Colwill
01/20/2006 04:08PM
(NOTE FROM SUZANNE: That is a real complement!  Tom is a professional website developer that creates amazing interfaces, selection wizards, and quotation wizards for industrial equipment websites.)

Dear Suzanne,

My Black Kyanite necklace is beautiful! I put it on and got light headed for a bit, but then I have not been doing my self healings like I should and that is to be expected. LOL
I liked the personal touches you did to it to make it more something I should use. I get the feeling that it is a bit of a "Defunker" also. LOL...I needed that too.
Again thank you so much.

Mysti Lamb
Wed, 1 Mar 2006

Dear Rev. Suzanne,
     I just received my necklaces yesterday and I absolutely love them. I just wanted to say Thank You SO much. Have a great day,
God bless,
Lori Cohey-Hassell
Thu, 02 Mar 2006

Hi Suzanne,
   I haven't had time to email and thank your for the necklaces and other pendants. I had the flu the week the box came, but couldn't even open it for 6 days.  
   Thanks again for the beautiful pendants and necklace.  I'll be checking your web site when I have time and handing out your info to my friends and customers.  
Kathy Potrzebski
Tue, 7 Mar 2006

Hi Suzanne,
I got the pendants about a week ago and I love them!  I've been wearing them and getting used to them. they are lovely and have a interesting lil' personalities!
I really want to get one for my mother.
Thanks again Suzanne.

Many blessings,
Dawn Foretich
Thu, 23 Mar 2006

Hi Suzanne,

Just to let you know that your pendulums arrived yesterday!!!  All safe and sound, in their lovely bags - they are better in real life than on the website! I have had long hard think about which one I will keep and have ended up with the Lapis Lazuli one, with purple amethyst and a beautiful glassy green ball on the chain. I was surprised as initially I was drawn to the pink ones, but no!!

I have already used it to dowse out where I have lost my new trousers (I think you call them pants in the US - but pants in UK mean underwear!) and I have found them - so I have a little bond with it going on. It is lovely to hold and the weight and size feels really lovely - so thank you ever so much.

I will be sending you another (!) cheque shortly for some more - do you have any of the Venetian bead/cobalt ones left at all this next time? If you do, if you could add a few of those as well, that would be great (we are running a conference in August and one of the lecturers is a renowned crystal healer and is reportedly drawing in big crowds - so I am sure that these little beauties will go down a real treat!!!)

Once again, many thanks for your lovely work and hope that all is well with you again now after the tooth incident!!

Rebecka Woods
Wed, 12 Apr 2006

Hi Suzanne,

I DID get the pendant and I LOVE it.  I could feel the energy the moment I touched it and its simply perfect.  We started back with energy work just last night and I could not have had a better piece to use.  Thank you so much for your time and energy on this.

In Love & Light,
Niki Fountain
Fri, 28 Apr 2006


I am sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner, I have been busy with finishing up some school assignments. I just want to let you know the "Personal Protection II" is beautiful and I can really feel the calmness, especially when I am meditating. I really love it.

Thank You,
Fred Mayoros
Fri, 05 May 2006

Hi Suzanne and thank you!!
I received my necklace last week and absolutely love it, it's beautiful!  And the pretty Andean opals on each side of the moonstone is such a nice delicate touch, thank you.  But... besides the look, I cannot believe how it is working for me and how much better I feel since I have begun to wear  it. Much more calm, energetic, clear headed, have stopped feeling "so" sad over my Mom's death, and ... I just got asked out on a date with a guy whom I am interested in.  It's all good and so quick! I'm amazed!  Thanks so much for making such a beautiful and powerful necklace "tweaked" just for me... you are awesome.

Sending you thanks, best wishes and much success with your spirit-given talent.

Nancy Davis
Sat, 15 Jul 2006

Hi Suzanne,
I just got my "Metabolism Balancer" ball and I already love it! I can only compare this feeling to the way I used to feel on diet pills way back when. Your product card talked about a second one for the bath etc, did you mean I could actually charge drinking water with it? If so, I need another one. Please let me know.
Lynne Iverson
Wed, 19 Jul 2006

I just wanted to get back to you about my Medicine Warrior necklace. Thank you! It's beautiful and it really does help me thru the day. My daughter loved her bracelet. You do beautiful work. I tell everyone about you.


Lenor Bell
Fri, 4 Aug 2006

Hi Suzanne,
The necklace arrived today and wow! It is gorgeous!! I am in awe!! I am getting ready to go to bed so as soon as I am off this computer it's going on :-)  Thank you so very much!!

I am seeing my friend tomorrow at Deepak Chopra's conference... I can't wait to show her!!
Thanks again! I will definitely keep you posted!

Michelle Hamady
Wed, 23 Aug 2006

Hi Suzanne!
It's just the most beautiful pendant I could've ever imagined. Thank you so much. I'll begin wearing it tomorrow. I can't wait to try the water balls.
Thanks again.
Lynne Iverson
Thu, 14 Sep 2006

Hi Suzanne,
Thanks for the info!
Already requested some brochures etc. from the Maharishi Vedic University.
I also received the necklace, CD and gems on Friday. The necklace looks phenomenal; I really appreciate your talented work. I'll definitely wear it during meditations and at night.
Looking forward to reading your e-books
Thanks for sharing your gifts and wisdom
Alvaro Porras Toledo
Sun, 22 Oct 2006 

Greetings Suzanne!!
  Hi!! I just wanted to let you know that my necklace arrived here safe and sound a few days ago, and to thank you profusely for the wonderful work that you did!! It's even more stunning than before!! I've been wearing it to work since I got it back and the energy of it is completely different, very soothing and relaxing, but still protective. Thank you very much for
all your time and hard work, you are truly a Great One and I am very grateful to you!!
Thanks again and I  hope you have a wonderful week!! : )

Peace and Light,
Monica Howard
Mon, 20 Nov 2006


There was a parcel in my mailbox this morning.  The items are gorgeous!  I delivered Betty's to her just now, it was a late birthday present.  She loves it.  I haven't put mine on yet, I'm wearing the Absolute Truth Ball right now with the large box chain.  I am unsure of Julia, so I'm holding hers for now at least.  Lonny should check his PO Box.

I'm feeling better today, more grounded.

Thanks again, I look forward to wearing my medicine necklace.  I haven't even taken it out of the bag yet, it looks absolute (truthfully) fanclasmic!

Thanks again-talk later.

Christopher McCaughna
Mon, 4 Dec 2006


I know you're very busy.  Some feedback (maybe that's not the right word.) 

The first time I wore the necklace I felt dizzy.  I took it off after a short time.  I hung it on the lamp beside my bed.  I have been wearing the Truth Ball a lot.  It works, no one can lie to me, I can't even lie to myself. 

A couple days ago I started wearing the necklace again.  Do you remember I told you I'm a hairy buzzard?  Well, I kept getting tweaked by plucked hairs.  Yesterday I took the trimmer and gave myself a shearing.  I needed it anyway, so many 4-5 inch (I'm not kidding) curly wirey hairs.  I feel much better, wished I had done it a long time ago.

Last week, I got my ear pierced, first and only.  Thought about an earring for years.  Emerald, just a trainer for now.

I'm going tribal.

Christopher McCaughna
Tue, 19 Dec 2006

(NOTE FROM SUZANNE: Christopher went on to order pendants for relatives of his in the UK... they enjoyed them.)

Hi Suzanne,

I can finally confirm that both English kids received their jewelry.  I received a card from Saffron thanking me for the "...beautiful necklace..," and I finally got a hold of Joe on Monday, we talked for almost an hour and a half, and when I asked him if he received the pendant he perked up (even more) and said it was really nice and appreciated, a lovely piece of tourquoise.  I explained to him that I had neither exactly chosen or even seen either necklace or pendant and that they were made especially for them, but that I would see them some day, I thought in the not-too-distant future.  So yes, they both received their pieces safely and love and appreciate them.

Thanks for the article on Power Words, I need to read it over a few more times, study it really as it is very useful information I believe.

I am almost ready to get my reading or chart or whatever you call it done, I believe I still have the numbers of the ladies you recommended to me.

Hope all is well,

Christopher McCaughna 
Wed, 24 Jan 2007
Dear Suzanne:

Yes, the pendulum arrived and Herb is learning to use it to check my chakras.  He isn't quite sure where to locate them every time, but eventually finds the spot and then is able to do the clearing work.  My dear energy healer/psychic friend keeps urging me to keep both our chakras clear and functioning in a healthy manner, she says this is very important to the process of regaining health. 

The last test showed that there has been a drop in cancer activity, which means the spread is arrested and the counts are starting down.  My doctor is very pleased, as are Herb and I.  I truly do appreciate your gracious interest in my recovery and the helpful items you have sent.  One of the most useful has been the item on power words.  When a person feels really, really ill (which I did for quite a period), it is just so very useful to have that power word to hang onto like a mantra.  I still haven't made the spinach smoothie, but have gotten much more attentive to my diet and have tripled the vegetables and fiber.

Herb's pendulum is just lovely.  My psychic friend saw it and thought so, too.  But I think she probably covets the one you made for me, she raved about it.  You truly do beautiful work, Suzanne.  You have a divine gift, and it is wonderful that you do all the good you do.  I appreciate you very much.

Well, it's late.  Thank you for the tip about the book.  I will give it some thought. 

Here's a hug...
Carolyn Markham 
Sun, 25 Feb 2007

Dear Rev. Suzanne,
    I just wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful necklaces that you created for me. I absolutely love them and am getting many compliments when I wear them. I just have to say that when I put on the Star child necklace, my knees went weak for a minute, letting me know how much energy was there. Thank you so much!!!! Many blessings to you.
Lori Cohey-Hassell
Fri, 9 Mar 2007

Dear Suzanne,
This is absolutely beautiful. Is it a stone sphere or a glass sphere?
I cannot thank you enough and it came at just the right time. I can feel the energy just by holding it in the bag. You are a god send as far as I am concerned.
I've suffered for years with this and now since I have the zapper and this I'm feeling so much better. Thank you,

Love, Kimberly
Sun, 1 Apr 2007

Hey there Suzanne,
I was just going to write you today cause when I went to check our mail yesterday, there was a GREAT gift inside -- the amulets you made.  Me & Ben were getting ready to run errands and I tore open the box and took each amulet out and placed them on each of us.  WE LOVE THEM.  By the end of the evening, Ben was very amazed and by the end of then evening we both talked about how we felt the energy of our pendants.  It's a definite soothing feeling that I have and overall more peaceful disposition.  It has made me feel less stressful (something that has only creep upon me recently - not very much stress; but something that I don't like).

I am so pleased and so is he -- we have not taken them off yet.  I will remove it before showering.  (smile)  I think I mentioned to you that my daughter and I are traveling to Europe and I am so happy I have my amulet already. 
...Ben just got up around 30 minutes ago and he said that his amulet is very powerful and he had visions unlike before (very soothing...nature-like visions).  He also said that he slept very well and he had to pry himself out of bed - he took it off cause it felt very powerful and he said he'll put it on later.

So my question is:  I'm sure that is his feeling -- is it ok to wear it at night and keep it on and off during the day?

As for me... I had a lot of feeling of aura, peacefulness, clarity and calm.  I had visions of colors and shapes (aura) and I feel asleep and woke up very revived and full of energy.  I have not taken it off yet.


ChinaLynn Myers
Sun, 27 May 2007

I did receive the necklace. I call it my power necklace. I wear it when I have work that I’d like to avoid doing. Helps me get in gear and get it done.

Karla Totten
Tue, 5 Jun 2007

Hello, Dear Suzanne Powell,
I want to thank you very much, very, very much. I'm very happy with my necklaces. And I'm very impressed,they are beautiful and they work, yes they work. First, I put on "Medicine Warrior" necklace and second, I felt the warmth in my forehead, then I felt the energy
moving in my chest and in my throat, I felt like I want to shake off. I had that feeling before, when I did meditation work to clean my aura and chakras. I am wearing necklace for about an hour now and I still feel warmth in my chest and throat and my head ache is gone, plus I feel full of energy. It is amazing. The "Personal Protector-II" necklace I will wear for night time.
Thank You very much. Thank you for your amazing work and your wonderful heart, for helping people. God bless You and all work you do.
It is powerful and wonderful work.
Thank you.
Elza Khayrullina
Sat, 16 Jun 2007

Good morning Suzanne,

Received my Medicine Bracelet yesterday & as soon as I put it on I was tingling----Powerful---what did you do to this bracelet, girl!!!!????
Wow,  I have so much energy---I almost feel loopy!!!!!  As the clock ticked away, I became grounded & took it off to go to sleep---
After my wonderful shower with Miracle II, my husband helped me put it back on & I have been tingling ever since!!!!  I have ordered bought books you recommended & will start a parasite cleanse....
Bless you Suzanne & the powers the Lord has given you!!! 

Rita Goecke
Tue, 10 Jul 2007

DaughterHi Suzanne!
Oh yes... I am sorry... I forgot to tell you... my daughter Cheyenne got the pendant -- she was so very excited and she put it on immediately... about 15 minutes later she told me that she had this 'rush' in her head -- felt like a headache so she took it off -- 5 minutes later she put it back on and it was fine and hasn't taken it off except for showers (smile).  She absolutely loves it and it looks very lovely on her.  It probably is in the picture I sent you of her running her lemonade stand -- nevertheless I'll send you another picture with her and the pendant will be there.
ChinaLynn Myers
Sun, 27 May 2007

Hello, Dear Suzanne Powell,

It is early morning in Georgia, but I still did not change my time from Russia to the USA. So I decided do not waste my time and write you a letter. First, I want to thank you very much for my order. It is wonderful, "Green Energizer" necklace is beautiful and powerful work. I did not feel any hit in my head, but the energy was so smooth and soft and comfortable, I felt the hug and love. The feelings concentrated behind and up of my ears. Thank you very much.
Andrew loves his Defunker and I think my Mom will love the pendant.

Thank you again,
Elza Khayrullina
Sun, 12 Aug 2007