Each Medicine Pendant is an individual work of art. Since stones of a given sort will vary in size, color, individual characteristics and attitudes (Yes, stones have attitudes!). It may be necessary to dowse which stone will match a given customer's requirements. Supply lines and batches change, too. There are usually many more different stones available than are currently represented on this web page, so please ask if you don't see something you are looking for. It takes time to wrap specimens and then get objective readings on the finished pieces to see exactly how they transform into wearable energy tools. Development on the new goodies often gets pushed aside to allow for production on current orders.

The psychic sensitives that Suzanne gets to give their impressions of each new assembly, or new type of stone by grouping, include Rick Ferguson, Emma Ferguson, Pat Rickard, Enola Dominiak, Vickie Holt, Sheila Scott, Melodie Steele and Andie Forslund.

Rev. Suzanne Powell, a Reiki Master and Quan Yin Joray Healer, personally channels the combination, then hand-makes, energizes and blesses each and every piece specially for the person who will be wearing it. Because each piece is individually hand-made, please allow for occasional changes in the configuration of each piece.

Average price for shipping a pendant by priority mail is about $7.50. Sales tax is for Texas residents only.

NEW! Chryso-Cooler: $55.00
(plus $4.54 tax + $7.50 shipping)  

(Image coming.) This one tends to put anger or impatience on ice, and would probably be good for any stress disorder caused by these hot emotions. A lady I know had just burned her hand badly, and the burn was really the manifestation of anger that had been building (and getting stuffed) for over a year. I put this into the lady's bandaged hand and she felt a wave of cold shoot through it, immediately soothing the burns under the bandage, and the throbbing stopped while she held it, and she noticeably relaxed overall. Use this pendant with the Bach "Rescue Remedy" flower formula for faster results. The base stone is Chrysocholla, with a crown of Rhodochrosite, topped by Labradorite, and the dangle features Pietersite and Amethyst.

Arkangel 14-1 Vial: $175.00
Plus $14.43 tax + $7.50 shipping)
Wrapped as is, the vialassembly is 2.5" tall. 
If you would, please check the "Subtle Energy Tools" page for more information on the individual vials. After much consideration, Rick came up with 14-1. It stands for the first 14 Arkangels in this one vial. Although it doesn’t have the flexibility of having individual vials for creating multiple grid layouts, 14-1 does have the unique quality of focusing everything in one itty bitty vial, making it very easy to carry, etc. I'd consider this the fast track to Ascension because it anchors such profound Divine Light.

From personal experience, I can tell you that holding this initially had the effect of downing a top-shelf Patron marguerita... most people have difficulty putting thoughts together and verbalizing after the vibe kicks in. You will have to "sober up" after each session of holding it during the "break in period" before you can do much of anything. Do NOT have this on you while driving. This vial contains such an intense Arkangel consciousness and it is strongly recommended that you carry it on your person for only 10 minutes the first day, adding 1 minute per day for next 30 days. This should provide you with an adequate “break in time” with the vial to hopefully avoid unpleasant detox episodes. We certainly don't want anyone running around thinking they are Batman, either.  After this break-in period, you may then wear this vial non-stop.

The Hawkins consciousness level rating for the 14-1 is approximately 144,000 (minimum). Be sure to hydrate yourself with healthy water and minerals. You may place it on top of a gallon of water to transform it to 144K or beside any water vessel to transform the water, you may also place it upon a Polaroid picture for sending the energy remotely to a subject. You may also use this pendant as a very powerful pendulum.

"Defunker I": $65.00
(plus $5.36 tax + $7.50 shipping)
Dubbed "defunkers" by members of two paranormal investigation groups (ghost hunters) in Houston who swiftly discovered that they required "personal protective equipment" to keep their energy fields clean. Poltergeists will sling etheric dirt first to block the head chakras, then to overload the nervous system. As a result, the ghost hunters were coming down with an assortment of nervous and immune system disorders.

Suzanne was given the formula for this piece by her Angels. It is a manifestation of Archangel Michael's sword on the earth plane. When worn, this piece is proven very protective against all forms of negative energy and thought-forms – the "funk" just can’t stick to you! Defunkers also work to protect people working in areas of high electrical noise such as rooms full of computers and other electrical equipment. People who are under a great deal of stress are generally attracted to this tool, as it gives them a feeling of peace. As an energy working tool, it can be used to cut etheric cords attached to people, to scoop the etheric dirt out of the chakras, and to focus energy deeply into the body, much like a laser. Each is hand-made, so allow for differences. Average length is 2½" to 4", so please specify whether you'd like a large or small one. The stones that are silver wire-wrapped to this natural Mahogany Obsidian needle are Tiger’s Eye, Garnet, Red Jade, Turquoise, Peridot, Amethyst and Moonstone. The energies of the stones are unified, amplified and programmed with a blessing.

"Defunkers II": $65.00

(plus $5.36 tax + $7.50 shipping)
Perhaps not as subtle energy-wise as the "Defunker I", but certainly excellent for grounding and shielding, the hand-napped Black Obsidian Arrowheads are quite showy. Men love them. Sizes run anywhere from 7/8" to 1-1/2" wide, and up to 3" long. Please specify approximate size preference.
"Defunkers III": $69.00

(plus $5.69 tax + $7.50 shipping)
I cannot absolutely guarantee that these "Defunker Charm Holders" are as effective as a tool because of this looser configuration, but the combination of stones and energy programming are the same. These would be considered these a "stealth" version of the classic "Defunkers" because they are very pretty and tend to not be as noticeable. If you plan to use the Defunker as an energy tool, please stick to versions I or II. Please specify top stone, or whether you want a plain charm holder. Yes, you may attach additional charms to the assembly using jump rings from your local craft store, but try not to interfere with the intent of this piece.

Kyanite Accelerator PendantKyanite Accelerator: $65.00  
(plus $5.36 tax + $7.50 shipping)
With a base stone of raw Kyanite anointed with pure essential oil, topped with Hypersthene, and encrusted with Andean Opal, Amethyst, Emerald, Apatite, Dumorthierite and a dangle of Pink Opal and Amethyst, the visual appeal is quite soothing, but according to Rick Ferguson, this piece can very quickly accelerate the wearer along "the path" as it retrogrades a person back through time (current and past lives) to dredge up all their dirty secrets and unresolved issues that must be resolved in order to move forward, most notably the issues revolving around pride, machismo and conquest (yang) to assist with getting in touch with the feminine aspects (yin) of the self. The energy is a deep, dark green color, and apparently offers the wearer many "Easter Egg" ah-ha realizations. You could say this is a New Age can opener. 

The Releaser: $55.00 The Releaser Pendant
(plus $4.54 tax + $7.50 shipping)  
Kind of an "Emotional Defunker".
I was at a local holistic fair and overheard a lady at the next table grousing about her boyfriend, I put this into her hand and she abruptly shut up as if a switch were flipped. Suddenly her issues with her boyfriend's hang-ups didn't matter, and she was at ease.

The base stone is Dumortierite, which is usually slightly granular shades of medium blue with streaks of deeper blue and puffs of white. When I wrapped it with a crown of Sugilite and added Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli and Moonstone, it became greater than the sum of its parts. People going through a lot of stress and emotional issues, particularly anger, gravitate toward this assembly. It's a good one to wear at the "day job". I can vouch for this myself. 

Vogel Quartz PendantVogel Quartz: $85.00
 (plus $7.01 tax + $7.50 shipping)

An IBM researcher named Marcel Vogel spent 20 years researching the various properties of quartz crystals, and came up with this 12-sided dual terminated configuration "quantum converter" to remove unwanted thought-forms from a person in distress, and to promote healing which carried through to all of that person's body systems. He found that they amplify psychic energy. Vogel created a whole range of protocols for healing using these unique crystals. I finally got my hands on some and began wrapping them. The specimen shown here is carefully wrapped to allow flow through on both ends, is topped with a piece of Kyanite, and crowned by Emerald chips, with 3 Amethyst beads (kind of shows you what this geometric form of this can do both optically and to energy).

Rick Ferguson said that this one has gold energy, is great for tuning the heart and solar plexus, and activates eyes, ears, nose and throat. It provides very light grounding... more like a tether to the ground so one can keep floating. It does contain maternal energies to help one deal with the loss or abandonment by their mother. It also has devic energy. One warning is that this one will hit the kidneys hard so one needs to drink a lot of water when using it... actually that is a good thing to consider with all Vogel-shaped quartz crystals.

Selenite: $55.00
(plus $4.54 tax + $7.50 shipping)
 Selenite is a fairly soft crystallized form of Gypsum, that forms in striated masses. They make great wands because they are good at channeling energy. It can gently remove blockages in the body's meridians to optimize energy flow and assist healing, especially in both the nervous and skeletal system. They are also said to be great for accessing past and future life memories. Overall, it has a very sweet feeling to it. The specimen at top left is wrapped with Snowflake Obsidian, Jade, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst and Turquoise, and about 3-1/4" long, readings on this specimen said that it is a friendly, heart-cleansing stone that allows one to access the energies of the Native American "Sun Dance" and "Ghost Dance" to bring in the positive attributes of our spiritual ancestors to assist in the transition into the 5th World of Peace. The second Selenite pendant is a rounded polished shape, topped with Kunzite, crowned with Amethyst and Kyanite, with a dangle of Garnet and Sheen Obsidian. It emits a very smooth and soothing vertical vibration encouraging connection to the Divine Feminine, ideal for linking to the Light Body and allowing one to better make use of the Unified Field.

Celestite: $90.00
(plus $7.43 tax + $7.50 shipping)
Imagine my delight in finding a source for this beautiful tumble-polished stone... to that point I had only seen it as tiny crystals on some matrix material. It looks like a frosted lavender-blue lantern, and in many ways, it really is.

Celestite is a stone for higher consciousness, with a reputation for assisting people in all sorts of extrasensory endeavors including divination, astral travel, and transfer of information from the angelic realm. It is also said to assist in the easing of tension to achieve calm and equilibrium, heighten rationality, bring calmness and hope, and assists in adaptation to changing situations.

This particular specimen is topped with Kyanite, a crown of Turquoise, with an Amethyst, Andean Opal and Hypersthene drop hanging from the bottom of the piece. A reading on this piece, sight unseen, by Rick Ferguson included that this particular assembly emits a strong green energy, heals the eyes and back of throat, cleans the blood, stabilizes normal intracellular blood flow. It deals with calming prolonged bouts of extreme emotions. It has a deep core promoting long term bliss/calm.  The energy attaches to the reptilian hindbrain (occiput) to assist higher communication centers. It stabilizes blood sugar to a point. Brings everything back to “center”. And has a very independent sentience and seeks its own solutions and resolutions.

Ruby Fuschite: $55.00  
(plus $4.54 tax + $7.50 shipping)
Ruby Fuschite PendantRuby Fuschite, is a fairly soft stone that gets better looking as it absorbs the natural skin oils from its wearer.
By itself, it tends to amplify emotions... dredges them up so the wearer can better deal with the core issues... very important if one is to make real progress on the spiritual path.
This pendant, topped with Amethyst, crowned with Turquoise, Moonstones and Andean Opals (which tends to release and stabilize emotions) with a dangle of Hypersthene and Amethyst, comes across like Godzilla wearing a tuxedo and sipping a martini... smooth but capable of storming the gates at will. It does also have a stabilizing capacity, much like a catamaran. The energy is a maroon color.
Rick Ferguson said that the energies in this particular example are matched to the customer's "old school" approach... the energetic equivalent of getting spanked by nuns in parochial school. Other combinations of helper stones still tended to maintain the red spectrum, and aggressive emotional dredging energies. One should be careful about not wearing this type of pendant in public for a while as it can project the wearer's energies onto other people.

Sunstone Pendant

Sunstone: $55.00
(plus $4.54 tax +
$7.50 shipping)
Sunstone is another activator stone, with a sparkly chatoyancy. It is a combination of feldspar, similar to Moonstone, but with Hematite in it. Sunstone is used to dissipate fearfulness, dissipate stress and increase vitality by working with the solar fire of your personal power. Famed Houston Psychic Pat Rickard says that this particular specimen, wrapped with Smoky Quartz and a Quartz point drop, actually banishes depression and melancholy.

Spirit Nourisher: $55.00  Spirit Nourisher Pendant
(plus $4.54 tax + $7.50 shipping)
Aquamarine is generally considered a throat chakra stone, but of course lives up to more of its potential when combined and energized with other stones. This one is topped by Apatite, crowned by Amethyst, Turquoise and Emeralds, with a Turquoise and Moonstone dangle.

In his reading, Rick Ferguson said that it contains a coded emerald green and royal blue energy in the formation of a cadeuceus. It has a very nourishing "liquid light food" energy. It is for the person with a truly hungry soul, requiring top-notch nourishment. The energy has a cumulative effect. It is recommended that one takes some time to slowly acclimate to this particular frequency as it can be akin to overfeeding someone with an eating disorder.

Users have reported increased synchronicity if both acquiring spiritual knowledge as well as increased prosperity.

Black Kyanite: $55.00
(plus $4.54 tax + $7.50 shipping)
Black Kyanite PendantBlack Kyanite is relatively new to me.  Kyanite is generally said to align all chakras, bring tranquility and calming, facilitate meditation, dispel energy blockages and balance the yin and yang energies. The Black Kyanite seems to do what the Blue Kyanite does, only with more gusto and attitude; it feels more like it is geared to move energy.
People who are drawn to this will usually use this in performing spiritual/psychic/healing work, as it provides for greater connectivity with the aspect of Spirit.

These pieces are impressive both in appearance and size, the average length of the stone itself is usually between 2-3/4" and 4-1/2". Many of these pieces must be sealed with a little lacquer so they will not snag clothing. Each is wrapped with stones that are chosen to enhance the energy. In this case, clear Quartz on top, Amethyst and Garnet in the middle, and a drop with Moonstone and Malachite. Wear it over the thymus and expect to get a lot of ooohs and ahhhs.

Elestial Crystals: Elestial Quartz$55.00
(plus $4.54 tax + $7.50 shipping)
Often called "window quartz", Elestial crystals are formed in water, and often contain water. Looking within you will often see all sorts of other minerals that were trapped between the layers of quartz as it formed and many contain rainbows. Many of the specimens I offer are actually small CLUSTERS of Elestials, 1"-2" in size.
Elestials are notoriously difficult to photograph because of their multi-layered structure. I chose the slightly fuzzier shot because it actually shows a colored bounce-back from the layer underneath the outer layer.

In general, Elestials are known to help one to wade through layers of consciousness, to access past lives and to awaken our intuitive abilities. Most people feel the water energy in them immediately.  They are generally helpful in assisting one in overcoming emotional burdens, allowing for flow in change and actualization. It can be used to stabilize brain wave frequencies, enhancing awareness of one's multi-dimensional being, and assists in communication on several levels. 

This particular one, selected especially for one customer, was classified as a "funk scavenger" in a reading by Rick Ferguson, who said it is very good at releasing hindering past-life funk, beginning with the lower astral and into the physical bodies... providing something of a roller-coaster ride in the process. I told the customer not to wear this one at work because of its ability to bring issues to the fore in a possibly bothersome way... better to wear this one in meditation!

Wrapped Chrysoprase: $55.00
(plus $4.54 tax + $7.50 shipping)
Chrysoprase is considered a powerful heart healing stone which instills a state of grace within the wearer. It provides for non-judgmental attitudes and a more magnanimous nature - Buddha nature.
On the left is one crowned with Charoite and a big Amethyst bead, with a dangle of Amethyst, Lapis and Labradorite, readings say that it is a gentle healer that works with the inner child a lot... it is very soothing and claming, then it helps healing, beginning with the nervous system to get the flow going better. 
On the right is a gem-grade specimen adorned with a crown of Emerald chips, plus an Amethyst and Moonstone dangle. 
Average size of these specimens before wrapping is about 1" to 1-1/2" in length.
Each of  these is an individual artwork, so many combinations of stones are possible.


Aragonite PendantWrapped
Aragonite: $55.00
(plus $4.54 tax + $7.50 shipping)
Check for availability on this one! Aragonite is known for these columnar formations. It has a soft feeling that belies its ability to assist one to maintain centeredness during times of heavy responsibilities and stress, and maintain strict discipline in one's activities. It is often used by psychics to stimulate communication on the higher planes. This specimen is wrapped in an open cage to protect the "babies". The dangle is Moonstone and Amethyst. Sizes range from about 1.25" long and can be almost as wide depending on the "babies".  Each of these is an individual artwork, so many combinations of stones are possible.

Citrine PendantWrapped Citrine: $55.00
(plus $4.54 tax + $7.50 shipping)  Citrine is usually considered a solar plexus activator and a very empowering merchant stone. It is one of very few stones that never needs clearing and blocks negativity from any source.
I call this particular specimen a "Citrine Patch" since it acts like a patch for a computer program. It is topped by Kunzite, with three Apatite beads, and a crown of Turquoise chips, and a drop of Moonstone and Astrophyllite.
A reading from Rick Ferguson said that the energy is forest green and latches onto the wearer like a growth of ivy on an old cathedral, providing a protective chain-mail type energy. The "patch" is where it functions to patch things up, like holes in the aura, neurological damage including that to the myelin sheath, neck and hind brain. The result is that someone with "frayed nerves" will tend to feel comforted. He also said that the customer this pendant went to was probably in the early stages of some sort of auto-immune troubles; Guillaine-Barre or fibro-myalgia... you can take that with a grain of salt, but you get the idea here. 
Each Citrine pendant is an individual artwork, so many combinations of stones are possible.

Wrapped Aquamarine PendantAquamarine: $55.00
(plus $4.54 tax + $7.50 shipping)
Aquamarine is considered a powerful throat chakra stone, which is also credited with promoting courage, service to humanity, personal responsibility and preparedness. It assists one in connecting with the Higher Self. The average specimen offered here is usually about 1" to 1-1/2" in length. This particular one is shown with Apatite, which is specifically a stone that promotes service to humanity, development of clairvoyance, and facilitating one in "coming to results" of what one is creating in life.


Garnet PendantWrapped Garnet: $48.00
(plus $3.96 tax + $7.50 shipping)
Garnet is considered protective and grounding, with a kind of "cool fire".
I call it the anti-bullcorn stone. It is also considered both a heart stone and a "money" stone, depending on your source.

This particular example features a Moonstone and Amethyst dangle, and is crowned by Jade, Amazonite, Rose Quartz and Malachite, so it  soothes while boosting kundalini.  Each is an individual creation and many combinations of stones are possible.

NEW! Carved Rainbow Fluorite Points: $55.00
(plus $4.54 tax + $7.50 shipping) (Photo coming.)
Here again, I've been wrapping these things for years, and I'm just now offering them on this page. Fluorite is usually a beginner's first psychic stone, and has a very soft, yin energy that assists in connecting to the intuitive. It is a wonderful, calming "3rd eye" stone, yet different colors have different effects. For example, blue fluorite is tough to come by, but is excellent for removing headaches.  Per usual, I will dowse the correct one for you, and add other stones to energetically assist.

Wrapped Charoite: Charoite Pendant $65.00
(plus $5.36 tax + $7.50 shipping)
Check for availability on this one!  Charoite is a recently discovered stone which mostly comes from Russia.
It has a natural chatoyancy, meaning that it catches and reflects light in its structure. It is said to is enhance one's giving nature, transmutes negativity and stimulates flexibility, particularly  in terms of "letting go" of things that don't work for the wearer.

This specimen on the left is topped by Pietersite and crowed with Turquoise and Amethyst, which readings have indicated that the energy goes right to the heart first, and that it is mildly grounding while assisting one in astral travel and connecting to ancestors and ancient wisdom. Each is an individual creation and many combinations of stones are possible.

Danburite: $64.00Danburite Pendant
(plus $5.28 tax + $7.50 shipping)
Danburite is a soft crystalline stone (similar to Apophyllite) that is shaped like a flat chisel blade with a triangular face on the end. It has a cleansing effect both on the emotional and physical bodies, and assists in removing toxins. One stone batch reading said it tends to pull one to the left (feminine) side, but adding a piece of Kunzite or other appropriate activator stone, brings it back into a centered balance.  The piece shown here is topped by Pietersite, ringed with Kyanite, and includes Amethyst and Snowflake Obsidian to hook up the energy right.  Rick Ferguson says that this one is really grounding -- like an emergency anchor, and combines the 2nd and 3rd chakras for greater personal strength (guts), and might give a the wearer a lower chakra energy beacon... I wouldn't go into a bar wearing this one.

Aqua-Aura Bear: $24.00 Aqua-Aura Bear Pendant
(plus $1.98 tax + $7.50 shipping)
I still have a few of these left!
The bear comes from the West of the Medicine Wheel, place of introspection. Aqua Aura Crystal is a clear Quartz crystal which has been electrically coated with pure Gold in a laboratory. Gold is a highly conductive metal, so when it is adhered to the quartz, it greatly amplifies the vibration of whatever programming that quartz crystal had in it to begin with, and even gives it an attitude. It is very intense energy. It stimulates the throat chakra and encourages "opening to channel".
Bear measures about 1-1/8" from nose to tail.

Merkaba Crystals: $60.00
(plus $4.95 tax + $7.50 shipping)
Merkaba Pendant 
For all you "Flower of Life" students, hand carved crystal merkabas available in Clear Quartz, Amethyst and Rose Quartz.

A merkaba is two four-sided pyramids (representing male and female) merged together to form a three-dimensional Star of David. Friends have been buying and bringing these to me to wire-wrap for them for years, and they've always become favorites. Those of you who study sacred geometry know that our energy fields can be kept clear by visualizing the merkaba encompassing us within our energy field while doing the cleansing breathwork. Very powerful stuff. Much the same can generally be said of wearing a physical representation of the merkaba. Shown here is the Clear Quartz merkaba, topped with Moonstone; readings on this specimen all said that the energy of it was like a very powerful laser beam to help the user get their answers from Source in a very straightforward manner, and to help one to achieve clarity and healing on whatever level they are working on, which can include clearing out what does not belong in the person's life.

Merkaba Charm CollectorCharm-Collector Merkaba Crystals: $75.00
(plus $6.19 tax + $7.50 shipping)
Sometimes it is necessary to add more things for an assembly to work correctly for a given person. Making a merkaba into a charm collector isn't easy to do, but I do it anyway.  Shown here is an Amethyst merkaba topped with Labradorite (this alone is usually a form of Defunker), with a variety of specially chosen stones and crystals dangling from the loop below. You will get a lot of compliments when you wear this. Readings on this particular specimen said that the energy has a soft, smooth pulse that opens the path to the crown chakra,  and assists in achieving a mellow, happy meditative state. Ideal for helping through those bigger life transitions.

Lemurian Seed QuartzLemurian Seed Quartz: $70.00
(plus $5.76 tax + $7.50 shipping)

Most of this variety of Quartz Crystal comes form Diamantia, Brazil. When viewed from the ends, they have a triangular configuration with 3 of the sides squaring off the points of the triangle. The Lemurian Seed Quartz certainly cops an attitude. Overall they help people to connect to Lemurian past lives and to ancient wisdom. Wearers say that these give them the feeling of being "home" and "safe" and the feeling of having the power to accomplish their goals.  Some of these are super-amped for healing, while some are more for channeling of some sort, whether energy or information. Some are more like surgical instruments. 
The average specimen for wrapping is about 3" long. I usually dowse who gets which crystal because of their individual nature. This particular specimen turned out to be an energy amplifier for a Reiki Master, and exudes a very powerful but spacey feeling. A friend recently purchased a much smaller commercially polished one by itself in a simple silver setting for $90, so yes, they are quite expensive.

Kunzite Charm Kunzite Charm CollectorCollector: $75.00
(plus $6.19 tax + $7.50 shipping)
Kunzite (including Spodumene & Hiddenite) is well known for helping to connect one to the "divine feminine", but because of its power, it isn't for everyone because it is like wearing the Shekinah herself. Over the years I have built a number of custom pendulums made from Kunzite to help men to connect to the "divine feminine" with great results.  It is said to be a useful healer for people who have had to grow up too fast. It helps clear emotional debris, heal heartache, reduce stress-related anxiety and assist in effecting compromise between person needs and those of others. It activates the heart chakra then aligns it with the head chakras. It is a mood-lifter and alleviates panic attacks. 

I've done a number of custom charm collectors like the one above, which was made for a young lady who had just "come out" to her parents, was still finding her identity in the big world, starting her teaching career, and was also helping her life-partner who had been diagnosed with cancer.

Blue Aragonite: $55.00 Blue Aragonite Pendant
(plus $4.54 tax + $7.50 shipping)
Blue Aragonite is actually greenish with soft chatoyancy. It  opens the crown chakra with a velvet covered crowbar then pours in the most sweet, delicate, peaceful energy that moves to the area of demand to remove subtle energy blockages to assist in all sorts of metaphysical pursuits as well as healing from the etheric down to the physical. My psychic sensitives said that by itself it feels "yummy" and it helps one to access ancient Atlantean energy and wisdom from past lives. This specimen at right is topped with a piece of Kunzite, crowned with Iolite and Kyanite, with Lapis and Amethyst, and a Moonstone and Jade dangle. Readings on this particular specimen said that it  is a mind-clearing, psychic opener. It draws out your issues/tendencies so you can really see them so you can get to the "truth" with yourself. For example, one reader felt that it would bring peace to someone with too much drama in their life, while another felt the urge to do some heyoka-style mischief... literally reflections of what they desired.

Iolite PendantIolite: $48.00
(plus $3.96 tax + $7.50 shipping)
 Iolite is a smoky crystalline blue stone, sometimes transparent and some are more opaque, as if choosing to shroud their nature. It is said that Iolite helps one to change "painlessly" toward spiritual growth, to release discord in one's life, and allows for progression toward perfection.
It certainly assists the intuition and the ability to receive visions. It is also said to assist in the elimination of debts, enhance precision and facilitate acceptance of responsibility. People love how it feels and enjoy holding it during spiritual endeavors such as meditation.

This small specimen is simply wrapped with a piece of Kunzite on top, some Charoite chips, and  Amethyst, and readings say that it is very relaxing and centering, and activates a vertical passageway energy to take you where you NEED to be in a remote viewing or spirit journey. It is also said to help you stand in your integrity and helps in "the release of ascendancy" like climbing to the top of a mountain to watch eagles frolic on the winds. 


Polished Tektite $55.00
(plus $4.54 tax + $7.50 shipping)
Tektite PendantTektites are a gift from the Great Star Nation... they contain knowledge and energy said to be conducive to thought transmission and channeling in information from the Higher Self, and, if desired, our Space Brothers. Carrying a Tektite is said to strengthen one's energy field. Tektites have been used throughout the Orient and Polynesia as a stone of great power. Each is completely different in feeling, and each may be enhanced with different stones. This particular one needed a crown of clear quartz and some moonstones, with grounding by the Hematite star and Amethyst dangle. Many of these wrapped Tektites turn out to be excellent at facilitating one to become adept with what I call "the Zen of the Rat's Ass"... kind of the next level of compassionate detachment for busy people.

Emerald: $55.00Emerald Pendant
(plus $4.54 tax + $7.50 shipping)
Emerald is a very energetic stone. Holding a bag of them is like holding a caffeine buzz in your hand.

This piece was created for a lady whose husband had suddenly ended their marriage, breaking up a blended family, and creating a tremendous amount of stress for all concerned. The first consideration was to heal the broken heart, and second was to assist her in restarting her real estate career in another region. At the top you see a Moonstone, a crown of Turquoise, and a dangle of Amethyst and Rose Quartz. The combination actually feels powerful from a distance.
Prosperity comes from the heart.

Apophyllite: $60.00
(plus $4.95 tax + $7.50 shipping)

I have a tough time keeping these on my display boards! Apophyllite PendantApophyllite is high on the "woo-woo" scale of vibrational qualities of stones. It occurs in natural flat-topped pyramid shapes, sometimes double-terminated, many have small, raised triangles (record-keepers) on their faces. Apophyllite is said to assist in maintaining a meditative state, stimulate the development of clairvoyance, and assist in remote viewing. It is a soft stone, so it has to be wrapped to protect the edges. Each one has a different personality and requires different stones to be wrapped with it. This particular one needed Aquamarine and Peridot with a piece of Amethyst. Sizes of the Apophyllite pieces vary.

Amethyst, Citrine and EmeraldAmethyst, Citrine & Emerald: $55.00
(plus $4.54 tax + $7.50 shipping)
The Amethyst point is natural and unpolished, with its root double-crowned in Emerald and Citrine, which coalesce the energies to activate the heart and solar plexus to help release limitations. Emerald is said to assist in bringing about beneficial consequences and stimulate right action. Citrine is widely regarded as a merchant's stone. The energy of this simple piece is one of abundance and fearlessness. Should also help digestion.

Sizes of the Amethyst pieces run anywhere from 1-1/2" to 2-1/4" long.  

Lepidolite Helpers: $55.00
(plus $4.54 tax +
 $7.50 shipping)

Lepidolite taken to the next level. Lepidolite is a wonderful Lithium-bearing stone that soothes and calms naturally, to assist people under great stress. You can suck a piece of Lepidolite for a more direct "Lithium hit" without any pharmaceutical backlash. This gentle granular purple stone takes on a completely new purpose and personality when combined and charged with other stones. The one on the left is combined with Black Tourmaline on the top, a crown of Turquoise, some Amethysts, with Lapis Lazuli and Moonstone on the dangle... it is said to be very masculine feeling, the energy goes up the back to help energy flow. It is also said to be beneficial for people needing heavy-duty help RIGHT NOW.  The second assembly is topped with an Amethyst, a crown of Opals, and dangle of Obsidian and Pietersite. it has a very light, soft, feminine, friendly energy that assists one in connecting to God and lightening up (the very same thing in my opinion). The third  pendant was created specifically for a lady needing help with breaking an alcohol addiction, on top is Labradorite, then 3 Lapis beads, then a crown of Andean Opals, and the dangle is Amethyst and Rose Quartz.

Infinite PendantInfinite: $55.00
(plus $4.54 tax + $7.50 shipping)
Infinite is new to me. It comes in soft sage greens and doesn't polish well, and most of them come flat like a worry stone. There's nothing in any of the rock books on this stone. The sensitives at Tranquil Thymes each held a fist full and tuned in on them: it is a healing stone that acts as a "defunker" on health issues and their attitudinal causes, and the energy goes straight to the problem area to balance that out.  It pulls imbalance, but works softly with a great deal of finesse. It works on the connective tissues, thyroid and lymphatic system. By themselves they are wonderful little energy hors d'oeuvres, but combining them as the base stone in an assembly gives them a whole new set of capabilities.
 The one pictured here has a Labradorite on top, a crown of Emeralds, and a dangle of Muscovite and Amethyst. It can be all-purpose with some mental direction, can help one with achieving goals, and can certainly assist with anger management.

Apatite PendantApatite: $55.00
(plus $4.54 tax + $7.50 shipping)
Apatite, as mentioned on the "Medicine Necklaces" page, is a stone of service to humanity, so it is not for everybody. Apatite promotes inner strength, stimulates psychic development, and facilitates "coming to results" with greater ease by enhancing inner peace and connectivity with Divine Source. This particular combination of Apatite with Charoite is high on the "woo-woo" scale of vibrational qualities of stones as it acts to "amp up" energy flow for a Reiki practitioner.

Calcite Helpers: $55.00Calcite Helper Pendants
(plus $4.54 tax + $7.50 shipping)
Calcite is such an amazingly soft, feminine feeling stone. If you hold one peach and one green calcite in each hand, you will feel yourself lifting out of your body for a little trip. Calcite is supposed to assist calcium levels in the bones and joints, alleviates emotional stress, calms the mind, connects emotions with the intellect, accelerates spiritual development, stimulates insights.

This one is topped with Labradorite, crowned by Kyanite, and has a dangle of Amethyst and Moonstone. Readings on it indicated that it would be assist one in being more comfortable with oneself, assist in self-acceptance, and as a result, would probably be useful in sexual healing. More generally it provides insight for a better perspective on yourself.  Peach and Honey Yellow also available.

Kyanite: $55.00
(plus $4.54 tax + $7.50 shipping) Kyanite HelpersKyanite comes in colors ranging from green (on the left, above), to the classic blue (on the right) with occasional chatoyancy that everyone is more familiar with. Kyanite is unlimited in its application, is considered one of the ultimate attunement stones, stimulates psychic awareness on all levels, and is famous because it facilitates meditation! Sizes of the stones I wrap range from around 1-1/2" as shown, to as long as 3" long. Since each stone is different each will be combined with a harmonious combination of stones. The first one on the left is more of a chakra balancer, then next one is geared for the heart center, while the third one is pure intuitive activating. If you really have a preference, let me know. The synchronicity of these stones is wonderful! Chances are, you will get the perfect one for you!

Prasiolite: $55.00 
(plus $4.54 tax + $7.50 shipping)  Prasiolite is a a color variant of Amethyst. It is a medium soft green color, often with white chevrons and little rainbow sparkles in it.  I discovered that in simply carrying a piece, it is difficult to get rattled or riled. It is lightly grounding and very calming, it opens the 3rd Eye and heart chakras, and it releases tension in the shoulders and chest, so tends to be good for people placed in the role of caregiver. The top two specimens are (left) wrapped with  a crown of citrine, topped with Pietersite, with a dangle of Rose Quartz, Garnet and Amethyst: readings on this one indicated that it channels energy to bring self-love and to help the wearer overcome fear. On the right, Prasiolite topped with Kunzite and crowned with Rhodochrosite, with Amethyst, Pietersite and Moonstone, is said to have a very uplifting, angelic, encompassing energy to self against depression and for healing heartbreak. The bottom one at left is wrapped with a piece of Pietersite on top, a crown of Kyanite, and a dangle of Amethyst and Moonstone... Rick Ferguson says it super-activates the higher chakras, then emits a pink and purple shield around the upper body similar to a cattle scoop on the front of a train. It would tend to pull a person out of their body very easily.


Pink Opal: $59.00
(plus $4.87 tax + $7.50 shipping)
The consensus of my panel of sensitives is that it is calming and will help one to connect up the 8th chakra 2 feet above the head. They all feel friendly at first but will get you off dead center and push you to manifest, like an angel prodding you from behind... those of you with a "yod" in your birth chart know what this is like. It also helps the circulatory system from the legs on up, and softens your personal hear to receive love.

The top specimen is topped with Labradorite and Amethyst, with Emerald chips and a dangle of Garnet, Black Tourmaline and Kunzite, and it is said to emit a very calming happy vibe that helps keep one from becoming anxious during life changes. It also activates the well of dreams at the base of the skull. This one was purchased by a lady embarking on a career change and going into business for herself.

The second pink opal is combined with a Moonstone on top, a crown of Kyanite, and a dangle of Amethyst and Pietersite. Readings indicate that it would assist one in removing the blinders to see the beauty of life around them, would help with emotional balancing, and generally provide a mood uplift, 

Cobalt Aura Crystals:Cobalt Blue Aura Crystals $55.00
(plus $4.54 tax + $7.50 shipping)
Amped with Titanium in a laboratory, the Cobalt Aura Quartz (also called Royal Aura) is a very deep blue with a metallic sheen.  The consensus of my sensitives is that overall, this is a "Lilith" stone... geared for helping one in acceptance of their dark side. Whether this is ideal for a person depends on whether they are in denial of their dark side, and whether they are ready to take the step of looking it in the face. As we know, probably the most important and difficult step in spiritual development is the synthesis of the shadow, since that is where all of the limitations are ultimately coming from. Gaining synthesis of your dark side is not necessarily giving in to it, but more like recruiting it to work for you instead of against you.
The reading on this particular specimen which combines the crystal with a Moonstone, Amethyst, Turquoise and Black Tourmaline, is that it has a very much higher vibration that zings your higher chakras into activity starting with the 3rd Eye, and also feels like a protective coating, kind of like vibrational Teflon. 

Celestial Blue Aura Crystals: $55.00
(plus $4.54 tax + $7.50 shipping)
Celestial Blue Aura Crystals
The Celestial Blue Aura is created when natural Quartz is permanently fused with a metal called Indium in a laboratory for a stunning transformation. Overall, the Celestial Blue Aura tends to go the the brow chakra and stays, then the energy lifts you slightly out of body (depending on how easy you are with these little trips) to give a light-headed feeling. It was described as a cheap drunk without the hangover. You'll experience a lot of people wanting to hold and touch it when you wear it out. I will dowse which one goes to whom, and what goes with it when I wrap it. Shown above is one wrapped with Kyanite and Emerald chips and topped with Labradorite... Rick Ferguson's reading on it said that it is like getting a Cranio-Sacral session on the upper plates of the scull, that it decompresses the plates and increases flow of energy through the brain stem. He also said that it helps erase negative memory imprints supporting bad patterns and makes one really aware. 

Rainbow Aura Crystals: $55.00(plus $4.54 tax + $7.50 shipping)  
Rainbow Aura CrystalsI am told that the Rainbow Aura Quartz is amped with a different Titanium process to produce a vivid range of colors including purple, several blues, mauve, greens, golds... it is spectacular. The overall vibe judged by my sensitives is that these are not for the timid and NOT FOR BEGINNERS, that the energy hits the solar plexus first and then aligns all of the chakras, that it is souped-up for someone who does energy healing.

The left specimen features an Opal chip crown and is topped by Kunzite. On reading said it opens one to channel, working first with your 3rd Eye as if with a laser beam, and that if keeps you focused, while another reading said that you WILL get what you say while wearing this and you WILL be held accountable for that manifestation.

The specimen on the right is ringed with Charoite chips and is topped with a Moonstone... the reading is that this one pulls the heart and head chakras together, and emits a very empowering, confident spunky "can do" attitude, another reading said it had the feeling of attracting good fortune.

Pink Aura Crystals: $55.00  (plus $4.54 tax + $7.50 shipping) Amped in a laboratory with both gold and silver, the Pink Aura Quartz is impressive to look at. It isn't in any of the books as yet. The overall vibe judged by my sensitives is that  it is a gentle, calming, SETTLING, peaceful, happy, warm & fuzzy energy. Overall these tend to calm the inner chatter to open yourself to be who you really are. The top left one is quite lush with wraps of Apatite, Aquamarine Beryl and Amethyst, and topped with Kunzite, to assist in expression of the divine feminine. Readings indicate that this one tends to open all the chakras and assist one in forward movement with confidence.  
 Top right is crowned with Opals and topped with Labradorite for heightened awareness, it feels like it should help the wearer to release self-worth issues in order to receive a more abundant life, it tends to work on the heart and 3rd eye chakras first and reduces stress. The bottom left specimen is ringed with Sugilite and topped with Amethyst and Moonstone, and is said to have a very rhythmic energy signature that is anti-hypertensive, and assist one to mellow out while it  balances out the heart chakra.

Opal Aura Crystals: $55.00 
(plus $4.54 tax + $7.50 shipping)  
The Opal Aura Quartz is amped with Zircon and looks very glamorous. My sensitives say that it has a very angelic universal kind of energy that encourages out connectedness with the higher realms. It hooks up and amplifies the 8th chakra (the Higher Self chakra) which is located about 2 feet above the head, then it works to get things moving for the other chakras. The top one is ringed with clear blue Iolite chips and Amethyst, and topped with Labradorite and is said to be great for meditation, that it gently pulls you up to higher consciousness, while balancing the body's chakras and hooking them up with the 8th+ chakras. It has a very relaxed and playful attitude. According to Rick Ferguson, the second one ringed with Kyanite and topped with Labradorite looks like what it is... an angel beacon of sorts... it would tend to attract the newer angels.

Pink Opal Charm Collector:Pink Opal Charm Collector $75.00
(plus $6.19 tax + $7.50 shipping)

This configuration started when an old customer said she really needed a smooth energy boost to get her off dead center during the depressing winter months. Because she needed so many other stones to help her out, a large (1-1/4" tall) semi-faceted Pink Opal bead was used instead, with everything else as "charms". She gets a lot of compliments on this pendant.

Rough Amber: $55.00 Rough Amber Pendant
(plus $4.54 tax + $7.50 shipping)
Amber is one of very few stones that have plant/animal life force in them, the others being Jet and Diamond. This large chunk of unpolished Baltic Amber is about 2-1/2" long, but is still incredibly light in spite of the other stones on it, which include a Labradorite on top, Emerald ships, Turquoise, Amethyst, Pietersite and another Emerald nugget. The owner of this specimen is a nurse who needs the smooth energy boost with some light shielding while connecting to higher knowledge on behalf of her charges.

Amber & Jet Pendants

Amber & Jet Pendants: $55.00
(plus $4.54 tax + $7.50 shipping)
Amber and Jet are respectively female and male amber, and are some of the few stones containing life force of plants and animals. Amber has long been considered a sacred stone in many cultures because of its life force and healing energy. It is considered a symbol of renewal and good luck. Jet, is often used to for grounding, to dispel fear and to protect the wearer against violence. Both of these stones are considered wealth anchoring.  These unique wire-wrapped pendants are a favorite among my Wiccan customers. The first one is a good pendant for a male, and incorporates a hematite star and circle. The second one from the left is more feminine and features a Moonstone on top and a star and circle on bottom. Both of these feature triskele spirals. The third design is Jet crowned with a ring of Amber, with a Moonstone and Amethyst dangle. The size of the piece depends on the hunk of Jet usually somewhere between 1.25" and 1.75" long.

Rhodochrosite: $60.00
(plus $4.95 tax + $7.50 shipping)
Rhodochrosite PendantsThe "stone of love and balance" gently energizes and purifies the bottom three chakras then moves up in the energy field to balance emotions. It is gently empowering while assisting to heal all of the energy bodies. Great for meditation. Psychic Pat Rickard read the energies of these two specimens and said that the combination on the left with Peridot, Amethyst and Labradorite is for eliminating vitamin deficiencies and help assimilation of nutrition, while the combination of Rhodochrosite and Sugilite (right) with the Amethyst and Moonstone drop relieves migraines.


Charm Keepers: $60.00
(plus $4.95 tax + $7.50 shipping)
Featuring your favorite stones (refer to pendulums page for an idea of the possible selection). Loop is about 1" wide. A nice method for carrying small medicine stones or other good luck charms. Each Charm Keeper comes with between 6 and 9 stone medicine charms channeled especially for the wearer. The keepers shown above are: Aquamarine Beryl with Fluorite, Optical Calcite with Labradorite, Fluorite with Amethyst, Rose Quartz with Amethyst, and Amazonite with Clear Quartz on the top. Charms can include a variety of animals and shapes carved from gemstones.