I perceived a real need for my non-jewelry services among my client base so I finally decided to offer these services on a professional basis.  I’ve been doing a lot of this stuff for years, both in person and by remote, with excellent results.

Graphic Design and Web Design Services
A one-person advertising agency with 30 years' experience and a ton of knowledge. I offer a lot of experience in technical advertising and graphics. I can help you with your text, do your design and illustration work, desktop publishing and web design services... accomplished with reasonable pricing. I am also aware of all the newest innovations in the printing industry and what they can do for you.

Energy Work, Paranormal Work, Radionics, Clearings
Energy Work: I am certified in several modalities of energy work, including Usui Reiki and Quan Yin Joray, and often utilize various tools in tandem... anything to get the job done and to provide relief on whatever level it is needed. The Medicine Jewelry on my site is just another method of transmitting this energy!

Paranormal Work: I've been at this since the early 1990s, so I've encountered everything from ghosts to transdimensional aliens and "demonic presences", and of course, the geopathic funk that tends to attract these situations.
I believe these paranormal situations are simply more noticeable because of the times we live in. This entire solar system is moving into higher-dimensional space, which is already making people more sensitive to the paranormal, and my affiliates in various "paranormal research groups" confirm this.
At some point fairly soon, we'll all be having coffee with our dearly-departed friends and relatives like it was nothing unusual.

Entertainment Services
I do public speaking on various topics, but I also do face-painting and henna adornment as party entertainment and at various festivals. Check the photos on this page!

Yes, I am indeed a master of many trades!