Sometimes we need a different set of tools. Jewelry is personal and meant to be worn. Not everyone wants jewelry, either.
Furthermore: What about clearing the vibe of a whole room? How about a whole house? How about the dog?
Yes, there are ways to address all of these situations. Keep reading.

One Force Health & Empowerment Tools:
People who don't feel a thing off of any other subtle energy tool WILL feel these and will certainly have a range of experiences.

Each Arkangel is a vial filled with charged water, a crystal,  herbs, and some serious energy. Each vial is packaged in a silk pouch with instructions. Simply holding these for even a short time will result in rapid spiritual development and heightened awareness, particularly the type of development championed by that particular angel. When Rick Ferguson first created this emerging line, it set off a whole range of incredible situations. People literally flocked to pick them up and have consistently reported all kinds of things. The Arkangel Project has taken on a life of its own. What appears to be emerging is this: the Arkangels, which are the guardians of the Ark of the new Covenant, are infinite points of light which form 3 dimensional living holographic platonic solids. These forms, both micro and macro in nature are the stuff of stars, galaxies, cells, DNA and such.

Suzanne's Own Charged Marble Technology:
History has many examples of how people have created powerful energetic tools out of the simplest objects - for example, Meishu-Sama of the Johrei Tradition would write on a piece of rice paper and have his patient swallow it to become healed. Suzanne started looking for cheap ways to package energy and stumbled onto a reconstituted quartz crystal product known as glass marbles. Readings and individual experience

Light Generator Twin Pack – a pair of 1/2" iridescent glass spheres, one charged with "Divine White Light" and the other with "Divine Gold Light." Worn together, these two energies assist in discernment, psychic development, clear thinking, and connects the two hemispheres of the brain for increased intelligence. Protects against etheric slime and psychic attack.
For Wearing (with bails) - $40.00 set.    
(no bail) - $20.00 set.

NEW! Arkangel Combinations – (not shown) Rick came up with this new series of small multi-angel vials geared for specific purposes. They are a perfect, low cost but incredibly powerful introduction to the line. You can either carry them in your pocket or medicine pouch, use them to charge your drinking or bath water, or have them wire-wrapped for wearing for an additional $50. When you are ready to take it to the next level, consider getting the "single note" vial sets.

BETTER RELATIONSHIPS - $50.00 Contains the vibrations of Archangels Gabriel, Haniel, Ganesha, Deganawida, Annapurna, Cassiel, Anput, Auf, Hathor, Satet, Set, Khonshu, Kek, Maat and Nekhbet.

SUCCEED/SUCCESS - $50.00 Contains the vibrations of Archangels Cassiel, Lakshmi, Melchezedek, Shiva, Ganesha, Mentu, Renenutet.

PEACEMAKER & UNIFIER - $50.00 Contains the vibrations of Archangels Cassiel, Deganawida, Hathor, Ipy, Ptah, Sekhmet and Khnum.

BEAUTY INSIDE & OUT - $50.00 Contains the vibrations of Archangels Jophiel, Hathor and Shiva.

ACTIVATION DIVINE ETERNAL NATURE - $50.00 Contains the vibrations of Archangels Metatron, Shiva, Hauhet, Heh, Mahes, Ra.

CREATIVITY - $50.00 Contains the vibrations of Archangels Jophiel, Haniel, Saraswate, Annapurna, Benu, Kauket, Ptah, Hebthet.

HIGHER MIND ACTIVATION - $50.00 Contains the vibrations of Archangels Raziel, Sandalphon, Saraswate, Zachariah, Zarathustra, Horus, Ipy, Kek, Sekhmet, Shu, Toth, St. Germaine, Nekhbet.

PROSPERITY - $50.00 Contains the vibrations of Archangels Cassiel, Lakshmi, Annapurna, Auf, Benu, Geb, Ptah, Renenutet.

DNA ACTIVATION - $50.00 Contains the vibrations of Archangels Sandalphon, Hermes, Emmanuel, Osiris.

HEALING - $50.00 Contains the vibrations of Archangels Raphael, Geb, Khnum, Khonshu, Mentu, Sekhmet.

HOLD OFF PROBLEMS & CHAOS - $50.00 Contains the vibrations of Archangels Melchezedek, Cassiel, Benu, Ganesha, Ash, Auf, Set, Satet, Maat, Naunet, Nun.

TRANSFORMATIONAL - $50.00 Contains the vibrations of Archangels Haniel, St. Germaine, Shiva, Anput, Anubis, Benu, Kepher, Ra.

GUARDIAN/PROTECTION - $50.00 Contains the vibrations of Archangels Michael, Bast, Ipy, Mahes, Nekhbet, Renenutet, Wadjet.

DIVINE MASCULINE - $50.00 Contains the vibrations of Archangels Metatron, Osiris, Toth and Quan Yin.

DIVINE MOTHER - $50.00 Contains the vibrations of Archangels Shekinah, Quan Yin, Isis, White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman, Maat, Mut, Sekhnmet and Wadjet. 

EARTH - $50.00 Contains the vibrations of Archangels Uriel, Haniel, Annapurna, Cassiel, Ash, Mentu and Geb.

AIR - $50.00
Contains the vibrations of Archangels Raphael, Amun, Bat, Benu, Hathor, Khonshu, Shu, Tefnut and Anhur.

WATER - $50.00 Contains the vibrations of Archangels Gabriel, Anuket, Bast, Naunet, Nun, Satet and Tefnut.

FIRE - $50.00 Contains the vibrations of Archangels Michael, Shiva, Pele, Aten, Auf, Horus, Kepher and Ra.

Absolute Truth Without Interference - projects a 7 foot radius protective field that shields a psychic or healer and their client from interference from ego, personality, entities, energies, extraterrestrials or other outside influences. This generally provides for good, clean information from the “source,” and especially the Higher Self. It provides for better accuracy in dowsing or other divination practices. As a result, it also provides a passive shield against psychic attack. In the event of active intentional psychic attack, this tool will buy its holder some time to mount an active defense. This is very important to note in these days of rapid acceleration without proper education. It creates a dimensional buffer. It will turn off alien implants and aid in expelling them, it will do an exorcism (evict an entity), and will eliminate spirit attacks when kept on the nightstand during sleep (sometimes spirit attacks are misconstrued as nightmares). Users report diverse results such as elimination of etheric and physical implants of all sorts, alleviation of energy-based headaches, improved mental focus, and people around the user being a bit more prone to tell the truth (but will not violate their free will).  Try placing the ball on a map you’ve drawn of a building or area you would like “cleared” of etheric interference.
For Wearing (with bail) - $35.00 each.    
(no bail) - $22.00 each.

- This simple subtle energy tool is intended to assist a person in releasing negative attitudes and programming about wealth and replace them with abundance-attracting attitudes.   The intent of this energy spectrum is to assist in reconnecting the user with his/her Divine source for all things. The ball also creates a field of increased synchronicity around the user .... which can be interpreted as “good luck”. Users report diverse results such as ease in making sales, greater ease in interviewing for and landing better paying jobs, and greater connectedness in networking. True wealth comes from the aspect of Spirit and its “ultimate network” connecting all people and things. Reconnecting with this aspect brings personal wealth on all levels.
For Wearing (with bail) - $35.00 each.     
(no bail) - $22.00 each.

Anti-Internal Parasite Ball - is a very versatile tool which offers a passive means of combatting typical infections that are passed around among friends, co-workers and family members.  It is intended for both curative and preventative purposes. It  vibrationally evicts any organism from your body that is not there for your best and highest good. The vibration emitted from these balls is harmess to beneficial flora and fauna in the body (unlike antibiotics).  Give this a couple of weeks. Users report such diverse results such as the alleviation food-poisoning symptoms, and greatly shortened duration of infections. Great for pets.
Consider keeping two: one on your person, either in a pocket or a “medicine pouch,” and the second in your drinking water. It is important to drink lots of water during this adjustment period. Bathe with the ball in your bathwater.
Consider the use of tools such as the “Gaia Water Balls”, “Internal Detox” and “Metabolism Balancer” balls in conjuction with this one.
One - $10.00 each     
Two - $16.00 pair

Arkangel Project I – (shown below) This group is also known as the "Fab 4". 
 Arkangel 1 / Uriel - $89.00
Arkangel 2 / Michael - $89.00
Arkangel 3 / Gabriel - $89.00
Arkangel 4 / Raphael - $89.00
 or all "Fab 4" set for $250.00

Arkangel Project

To put it very bluntly, ARKANGEL PROJECT may indeed be what people are either waiting for or have been looking for. I cannot even determine how far advanced this product is because it so far outdistances anything Rick's done for the past 22 years. That said, I’ll try to clarify. First ARKANGEL PROJECT is not better than anything it’s just majorly different. So much information has been received about it that it has been very difficult translating it into words. Imagine being given the complete knowledge of the Universe and someone approaches you and asks, “What’s new?” How do you answer the question?

As a point of reference and means of expressing some aspects of ARKANGEL PROJECT I’m including a mini chart of the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness. This was developed by Dr. David Hawkins and is found in his book: POWER VS. FORCE. The numbers on the left refer to a ranking of consciousness that he’s developed. Most people are running at about 200+. The concept here is that to get “going” and move forward you need to be at 800 or more. This might be Ascension or when the Mothership picks you up. But 800 is the crucial point for human consciousness advancement.

20   Shame Humiliation
30   Guilt Blame
50   Apathy Despair
75   Grief Regret
100   Fear Anxiety
125   Desire Hate
175   Pride Scorn
200   Neutrality Trust
310   Willingness Optimism
350   Acceptance Forgiveness
400   Reason Understanding
500   Love Reverence
540   Joy Bliss
600   Bliss Illumination
700-1000   Enlightenment Ineffable


One Force begun to manufacture specially prepared vials containing very advanced frequencies for human development. Each vial has a characteristic name. Vial 1 is Arkangel Uriel. Vial 2 is Arkangel Michael. Vial 3 is Arkangel Gabriel. Vial 4 is Arkangel Raphael. As we step back and begin to view this project it appears to be about accelerating human consciousness and potential. Using the Hawkins scale as a measuring stick here’s what we’ve figured out so far. The purified water from our Miracule processor creates a water rated at about 50-5500.
Arkangel 1 / Uriel rates at 35,000
Arkangel 2 / Michael rates at 45,000
Arkangel 3 / Gabriel rates at 52,000
Arkangel 4 / Raphael rates at 52,000.

A one gallon container of water can be transformed into a high consciousness liquid of 22,000 by placing either 3 Uriels or 3 Michaels around the container for approximately 6 hours. Placing 3 Uriels and 3 Michaels around a gallon of water will transform it to a rating of 52000, but again this will take 6 hours. So the concept here is that the Arkangels can be used to, at least, transform water to higher levels of consciousness.  This is important to note because if you drink such charged water, it will transform the water in your body to the same consciousness level and accelerate your human potential dramatically. But you still have to wait 6 hours for one gallon. That doesn’t cut it. And this is where it gets very interesting.

When each of the 4 Arkangels are set down on a surface, forming a square, they are forming the base of an energy form: a pyramid. The apex (top) of the pyramid is a fifth energy created from the four. This energy is the energy of Metatron.

These four vials contain 4 different vibrational essences of what we will call Arkangels. These are vibrational keys or access points. Each vial can be used separately or with any other vial creating unique combinations of energy. The vials have a polarity: the caps appear to be positive and the bottoms are negative. But, the caps attract to each other. When they are held in place (or taped together) there is an antigravity effect. This places you in a non-time place. This place may suspend the laws of physics as we know them. For healing purposes this appears to create an environment where effective healing can take place.

Placing the vials around containers of water will , in 4 minutes if all are used, transform the energy of the water to over 52000 on the Hawkins scale. Holding or carrying them on your person will transform the water and the consciousness of the water in your body. Placing them around food etc. will do the same thing to the water.

If you have a Harmony Board, regardless of size, place a vial in each corner of the board. The Metatronian energy appears in the center. To increase the level of the Arkangel Effect to an indiviual place a witness of either yourself or another in the center.

Place a vessel of water in the center to supercharge it.

Place all 4 Arkangels around a Polaroid picture for doing remote healing.

So, what’s the Arkangel Project about?
It’s about effecting consciousness on a large scale. This is done by creating what we are calling the “Arkangel Effect”.

As the water within the body and in the environment itself changes its consciousness rating from being in proximity to the Arkangels, things like psychic attack, possession, implants, etc. simply will not work, since to be effective they have to change their consciousness, too. When they change they cease to exist as something unhealthy towards the body.

Gaia Water Balls -  This is the most exciting new development in “charged marble technology”! It is meant to be used in water and intended to heal the Earth. The Gaia Water Ball transmutes the water’s energy frequency, often resulting in remarkable phenomena. Depending on how these are applied, they can clear, balance or repolarize geopathic miasm, planetary cellular memory, water lines (noxious rays), geopathic stress lines, emotional influences, interdimensional influences, comet and planetary influences. Clear and empower your jewelry or crystals by dipping them in water charged with the Gaia Water Ball. Great for livestock tanks. Drinking water charged with this ball has a positive effect on cellular growth and regeneration for both people and the Earth. Great for the liver and colon. Fortifies blood. Assists in attaining lightbody and has been described in readings as “spiritual nitro” to help one connect at cell level with self-realization.
Interesting side effects have been reported: if you keep a Gaia Water Ball in water in a room, it will tend to chase out roaches, so consider putting one in an ornamental water fountain. A local lady put one of these in her small aquarium intending to chase the roaches out of her mobile home, which it did, but it also made the gold fish out-grow its aquarium space very swiftly. This suggests serious agricultural applications.
One - $10.00 each     
Two - $16.00 pair (Bulk pricing available.)

Custom Balls - While it is probable that this product line already has a product or combination of products that will handle most needs, sometimes it is necessary to create something special for the exclusive use of an individual. Suzanne will start with a large 1” White Light Generator with a jewelry finding, and add additional channeled programming and energy for that person’s special needs. Suzanne doesn’t get intellectually involved in doing this work, but instead lets the Higher Selves, Angels, and Spirit Guides of the people who need these tools bring in exactly what is needed.
Users of these custom balls have reported remarkable breakthroughs in their development or circumstances. One woman in an abusive relationship reported that it not only helped her detach from the abuser, but that the energy also made him shut up and leave her alone. A grandmother reported that it not only provided great comfort for her abused granddaughter, but that it made the perfect lawyer show up at the eleventh hour to champion the child’s case in becoming the ward of the grandmother, and therefore out of danger. Others have reported remarkable healings. Providing some information about one's circumstances is okay. Allow several weeks for delivery unless it’s an emergency.
For Wearing (with bail) - $75.00 each. 

Chakra Gems - This was actually the first of the Turtle Island product line of charged energy items. It was later replaced with the "Metabolism Balancer" listed above.  Some people just like things complicated. This is a simple set of charged glass globules geared for specific chakras. There are two sets: a 9 gem and a 14 gem set.  

The 9-Gem Basic Set includes purple, dark blue, light blue, pink and dark green for the duplex heart chakra, yellow, orange, red and black for grounding and centering.

The 14-Gem Master Set has all of the Basic Set plus a medium blue for the nose chakra, two white for the kidneys/adrenals, and two clear gems for the chakras located in the hands and feet - good for if you do energy work or are experiencing limited dexterity in the hands or feet. You can carry specific gems on you, or stick them in your drinking water.
9-Gem Basic Set - $35.00     Master Set - $50.00

Sacred Cubit Coils - This is something that has come in incredibly handy in multiple instances where other things that would ordinarily have worked needed some help.

Rick Ferguson discovered the uses of Sacred Cubits to enhance the energy of a person's space and had conducted a lot of wonderful experiments utilizing the knowledge.

I came up with another way of applying the knowledge: I created coils according to the cubits, and imbued them with an additional energetic blessing.

The set consists of four black cubits to be tacked up in the corners, and four sacred cubits to be place on the mid-points along the perimeters between the corners of walls of a room, or a house, or a whole yard. These will anchor Divine Light to the place, dedicating that space to God and essentially chasing out anything that isn't Light oriented. Helps with geopathic stress, too.
One person has already claimed it made some aliens quit bothering her.

Sacred Cubit Coil Set: $50Color coordinating tacks included.

As of this writing, we are already receiving many reports of individuals experiencing the “Arkangel Effect” (acceleration in consciousness / healing) who have neither touched nor worn the vials. This is significant and indicates that this effect reinforces the idea that we are indeed all connected to one another. AND, this is just the tip of the iceberg... METATRON!

Metatron Vial
Metatron –
(shown above) Metatron is like the executive secretary of God; he really knows what strings to pull to get something done. The Metatron vial brings you the ability to progress beyond your human consciousness expectations, bringing rapid personal transformation, healing on whatever level, and increased intuition. Whether you use this vial by itself or in conjunction with the "Fab 4" above, you will experience rapid and positive change, particular if you are willing to "let go and let God". 
Arkangel 5 / Metatron - $89.00

The Metatron vial  is the next quantum step in the Arkangel Project. It is a vial containing the vibrational expression of Metatron. It’s purpose is to help anchor the Metatronian energy into your consciousness. By doing so you are enabled to advance further in consciousness. The Hawkins scale of consciousness cannot measure Metatron... It is infinite. So having this vial on your person will be elevating your consciousness to a very high degree. This doesn’t mean that all your levels of being are at this level but it urges them to progress and “clean up their act”. When used in conjunction with the first 4 Arkangels of the Arkangel Project very powerful effects in healing and awareness can be achieved. From all indications to date, the energy which is being utilized can best be expressed as “liquid light”.

What does this mean?
The Metatron vial brings to you the ability to progress beyond your human consciousness expectations. In this realm, healings would take less time, increased clairvoyance and awareness would be other enhancements. Metatron facilitates personal transformation. This can be physical,emotional,mental and spiritual in nature. It allows more direct communication with your God-self. It allows you to view and engage your personal Divinity.


Emmanuel Vial
Emmanuel –
(shown above) The 6th vial in the Arkangel Project, Emmanuel in this product line represents a quantum leap in connecting you to whatever you believe the Divine to be. When working with this vial, be prepared to do some house cleaning, both in your personal space, and in your physical and emotional bodies as it anchors a great deal Divine Light in your consciousness and tissues to facilitate you in removing that which is not Light oriented. Expect to undergo a number of detox symptoms and episodes. Don't get it unless you are totally committed to rapid unfoldment.
 Emmanuel rates at 100,000 on the Hawkins Scale.
Arkangel 6 / Emmanuel - $89.00


Shekinah Vial
 Shekinah – (shown above)  Shekinah means "presence of God" and relates to the feminine aspect of the Holy Trinity. It is the energy that sanctifies from within the dimension of matter. Shekinah is the visible manifestation of the divine presence. You see this Presence when you look at your reflection in a mirror. Many saw her as the mother or feminine aspect of God. With the construction of the Ark of the Covenant, and then the construction of the Temple, a part of the Godhead came to dwell in the Ark and then in the Temple. This could not be the male God, the God of the Sky and of High Places. So Shekinah, formerly known as Asherah, a Goddess of Earth and Sea, came to dwell in the Ark of the Covenant and then in the Temple.

The Shekinah has become an interchangeable term with the Holy Spirit and is often pictured as a bird or dove. So the desire to know Shekinah leads to God - the God within as well as the God outside of self. Elements of Her remain in Mother Mary, who was perhaps Shekinah's incarnation.

Shekinah introduces the connection to the intuitive self, thereby promoting accelerated creativity on all levels. The Shekinah vial also contains the vibrational essences of both ORME Gold and ORME Ruthenium. In a sense this follows the Hermetic axiom: “As above, so below, as below, so above.” The above is the Gold ORME, working on your spiritual acceleration. The below is the Ruthenium, working on firing up that junk DNA at the cell level.
Shekinah rates at 82000 on the Hawkins Scale
Arkangel 7 / Shekinah - $89.00

Arkangel Project II
 Arkangel Project II –
(shown above)
 Arkangel 8 / Ezekiel  - $89.00
Arkangel 9 / Quan Yin - $89.00
Arkangel 10 / Saraswati - $89.00
Arkangel 11 / Lakshmi - $89.00
 or the second "Fab 4" set for $250.00

Arkangel 8 / Ezekiel rates at 82,000
       Arkangel 9 / Quan Yin rates at 89,000
       Arkangel 10 / Saraswati rates at 93,200
       Arkangel 11 / Lakshmi rates at 80,000.

Ezekiel  - About 2600 years ago, during the time that the Babylonian Empire had subdued the nation of Judah and had destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple. Ezekiel was among the Jews in Judah who were taken as captives by the Babylonians to Babylon. He received his call as a prophet during the fifth year of the exile of King Jehoiachin. Ezekiel's ministry lasted about 22 years. Ezekiel's prophecies about the destruction of Jerusalem caused friction among the Jews who were with him in Babylon. But, when his prophecies came true, people began to listen to him more intently. . After the destruction of Jerusalem, Ezekiel's prophecies evolved from themes of unbending judgment to themes of hope and comfort in the future. Ezekiel was very much a shepherd and a watchman for the nation of Israel. As a shepherd, he protected the people. And as a watchman, he warned of dangers ahead. Ezekiel's name means "God strengthens." Ezekiel used symbolic actions and drew numerous word pictures in an attempt to convince his compatriots of his prophesies.

This level of consciousness (82,000) deals with standing by your convictions and working “outside the box”. Just as Ezekiel used word pictures to communicate we must also be willing and adaptable to use alternative and creative means for communicating with the higher self. At this level words are too slow and imagery is more direct and impactive. A clearer understanding that all is connected evolves here and reinforces your awareness that what is occurring outside you is also transpiring within you as well.
Arkangel 8 / Ezekiel  - $89.00

Quan Yin  - Quan Yin represents the bodhisattva -- literally "a being of Bodhi, or enlightenment," who is destined to become a Buddha but has foregone the bliss of Nirvana with a vow to save all children of God. She carries the Goddess and Divine Mother ,the same Goddess and Divine energy carried by the Virgin Mary in Christianity. and Isis in the Egyptian mystery schools. Quan Yin's name is a translation of the Sanskrit name of her chief progenitor which is Avalokitesvara, also known as Avalokita. In its proper form it is Kuanshih Yin, which means "She who harkens to the cries of the world." Avalokitesvara and Quan Yin are embodiments of compassion. Quan Yin is also known as Kuan Yin, Quan'Am (Vietnam), Kannon (Japan), and Kanin (Bali), She is the embodiment of compassionate loving kindness, hearing the cries of all beings. Quan Yin enjoys a strong resonance with the Christian Mary and the Tibetan goddess Tara. Quan Yin vowed to remain in the earthly realms and not enter the heavenly worlds until all other living things have completed their own enlightenment and thus become liberated from the pain-filled cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. Quan Yin is unique among the heavenly hierarchy in that She is so utterly free from pride or vengefulness that She remains reluctant to punish even those to whom a severe lesson might be appropriate. She counsels us by Her actions to cultivate within ourselves those particular refined qualities that all beings are said to naturally possess in some vestigial form.

At a consciousness level of 89,000, Quan Yin will move you to very high levels of acceptance of others, being in the moment, seeing all sides of the situation and extending total compassion simultaneously. This doesn’t mean you will turn into Quan Yin in a flash, for your lower denser issues will surface for processing as your compassion increases.
Arkangel 9 / Quan Yin  - $89.00

Saraswati  - Saraswati, the goddess of learning and knowledge, is the wife of Brahma, the creator of the world. It is believed that Saraswati endows human beings with the powers of speech, wisdom and learning. She has four hands representing four aspects of human personality in learning: mind, intellect, alertness and ego. She has sacred scriptures in one hand and a lotus the symbol of true knowledge in the second. With her other two hands she plays the music of love and life on a string instrument called the veena. She is dressed in white — the symbol of purity — and rides on a white swan that symbolizes purity and discrimination. Saraswati is also referred to as Sharda the fountainhead of knowledge who leeds seekers from darkness to light and from ignorance to spiritual upliftment. The Sanskrit word sara means "essence" and swa means "self”. Thus Saraswati means "the essence of the self." Since knowledge is necessary for creation, Saraswati symbolizes the creative power of Brahma, the Creator of the Universe. and is of special interest to students, teachers, scholars, and scientists. She presides over and protects arts and is credited with the invention of writing. Saraswati is also the goddess of speech, the power through which knowledge expresses itself in action. Legend has it that Bhrahma the creator acquired the power to think and create only through the power of Saraswati and that it was Saraswati that enabled Bhrahma to listen to the naadabhrahmam the primordial sound which is revered as the source of all creation.
At a consciousness level of 93,200, Saraswati clearly will support your insights into higher knowledge. Be forewarned that as the new comes in, the old stuff, beliefs and such will rush to the foreground for verification. This could indicate it time for some “housecleaning” in your information archives. A truer appreciation to the overtures of life will also be embraced as earlier ones are let go.
Arkangel 10 / Saraswati - $89.00

Lakshmi  - Lakshmi, also known as Shri, is personified as the goddess of fortune , wealth and the embodiment of loveliness, grace and charm. She grants both worldly prosperity as well as liberation from the cycle of life and death.She is also the associated with prosperity, divinity and purity, divine knowledge, happiness amongst family and friends, marriage, children, food, wealth, beauty and health, thus making her a very popular goddess. As the goddess of prosperity, she also bears the epithets Dharidranashini (destroyer of poverty) and Dharidradvamshini (one who opposes poverty). In these myths she appears as the embodiment of royal authority, as a being whose presence is essential for the effective wielding of royal power and the creation of royal prosperity.
She suggests a perfection or state of refinement that transcends the material world. She is associated not only with the royal authority but with also spiritual authority, and she combines royal and priestly powers in her presence.

Behind the label of each Lakshmi vial is, written in sanskrit, this prayer:   May that supreme Goddess Mahalakshmi Devi purify my heart and mind, that I may always perform noble, compassionate deeds, speak sweet truthful words to everyone, and ultimately achieve the supreme purpose of my life of merging in the golden light of highest divine consciousness. May there be peace in the hearts of all beings in all the realms.

As we step back and begin to view this evolving project it appears to be about accelerating human consciousness and potential. Using the Hawkins scale as a measuring stick here’s what we’ve figured out so far.
The purified water from our Miracule processor creates a water rated at about 1700. Arkangel-8/Ezekiel rates at 85,000, Arkangel-9/Quan Yin rates at 89,000, Arkangel-10/Saraswati rates at 93,200 and Arkangel-11/Lakshmi rates at 80,000. Placing these new “Fab 4” about a gallon of water will shift the water to 65,000 in 4 minutes. This configuration creates another 4-sided pyramid energy form similar in composition to the first "Fab 4". The apex (top) of the pyramid is the 5th energy created from this "Fab 4". This is the energy of Sandalphon, twin of Metatron. Placing the Sandalphon vial on top will create the shift immediately. Leaving it in place, just like its twin, will accelerate the water towards infinity. This water consciousness is not better than the first, just different.
You can use BOTH sets to charge your water by placing "Fab 4" sets #1 and #2 about a gallon of water (I would set them evenly spaced around the base of the container) and placing both Metatron and Sandalphon on the top of the container will shift the water to a consciousness level of 144,000 instantly. Leaving them in place, the level will progress geometrically towards infinity. In other works it become a very supercharged, remolecularlized water for personal consumption.
Arkangel 11 / Lakshmi - $89.00


Sandalphon  -  is a vial containing the vibrational expression of Sandalphon. It’s purpose is to help anchor the Metatron/Sandalphon energy into your consciousness. By doing so you are enabled to advance further in consciousness. The Hawkins scale of consciousness cannot measure Sandalphon... It is infinite. So having this vial on your person will be elevating your consciousness to a very high degree. This doesn’t mean that all your levels of being are at this level but it urges them to progress and “clean up their act”. When used in conjunction with either 4 Arkangels from our first set or second set of the Arkangel Project very powerful effects in healing and awareness can be achieved. From all indications to date, the energy which is being utilized can best be expressed as “liquid light”.

Sandalphon is another major key for the evolution of consciousness upon this world. Sandalphon is referred to as the tall angel, twin brother of the angel Metatron, and, according to the poet Longfellow, the angel of glory and the angel of prayer. In Greek Sandalphon means "brother," and it is in this role that he is probably best known, for he is the spiritual sibling and close companion of Metatron. His brother is the archangel Metatron. on is an angel of music and musings who carries prayers to heaven. They were once mortal men, the prophet Elijah and wise man Enoch. This affinity is based largely in the similarities of the two angels; just as Metatron is reputed to have once been the patriarch Enoch, Sandalphon is declared in legend to be the onetime Old Testament prophet Elijah. While said in some traditions to be in charge of the fourth, sixth, or even seventh heaven. As the angel of prayer he helps carry the prayers of the faithful into heaven, making of them a beautiful and delicate garland to decorate the head of the Lord. Sandalphon appears as very tall and dressed in black. His robe is made of pure energy and, if gazed at, it becomes evident that it is constantly emitting dark sparks of energy.. His name means, "Brother", and he is the twin brother of Metatron. Sandalphon is the Master of Heavenly Song. His primary function is to act as a Guide.
He is instrumental in bringing about the differentiation of sex in the embryo--a good thing to bring to the attention of expectant mothers. His primary function is to act as a guide. If you need advice regarding communication with entities from elemental or planetary spheres, Sandalphon can help steer you in the right direction. Call upon Sandalphon for advice if you are confused about the direction your spiritual path is taking you.

The Sandalphon vial brings to you the ability to progress beyond your human consciousness expectations and serve yourself as your own guide, avatar, guru, etc. In this realm, healings would take less time, increased clairvoyance and awareness would be other enhancements. Sandalphon delivers messages. Messages between your higher and lower self. Messages to and from your dna. Messages between and within your cells.
Arkangel 12 / Sandalphon- $89.00

Raziel  -  Arkangel Raziel is the 13th member of the Arkangel Project. It’s vial contains the energy essence of Arkangel Raziel. Raziel's name means 'Secret of God'. He knows all of the secrets of the universe and how it operates. Raziel can help you to understand esoteric material and increase your ability to see, hear, know and feel Divine guidance. Raziel helps with alchemy, divine magic and manifesting.

Raziel is the "Keeper of Secrets" and the "Angel of Mysteries." In some teachings he is claimed as having blue wings, a glowing yellow aura around his head and wearing a grey robe which appears to have liquid-like properties. He stands close by God's throne, and therefore hears and writes down everything that is said and discussed. He purportedly gave the book to Adam and Eve after they ate from the forbidden Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, which resulted in their expulsion from the Garden of Eden, so the two could find their way back "home" and better understand their God. Raziel's fellow angels were deeply disturbed by this, and as such, stole the book from Adam and threw it into the ocean. God Himself decided not to punish Raziel, but instead, retrieved the book and returned it to Adam and Eve.According to some sources, the book was passed on through the generations to Enoch (believed to have later become the angel Metatron) From Enoch, the archangel Raphael gave it to Noah, who used the wisdom within to build Noah's Ark. The Book of Raziel was last known to be in the hands of Solomon. It has since disappeared.

The Hawkins scale of consciousness measures the consciousness of Raziel at 87,000. So having this vial on your person will be elevating your consciousness to a higher degree. This doesn’t mean that all your levels of being are at this level but it urges them to progress and “clean up their act”.
Arkangel 13 / Raziel - $89.00

Haniel  -  Arkangel Haniel is the 14th member of the Arkangel Project. It’s vial contains the energy essence of Arkangel Haniel. On the Hawkins Scale of Consciousness it rates at 93,000. Haniel is often included in lists as being one of the seven archangels. Haniel's name means 'Glory of God'. Haniel helps us to recover lost secrets of natural healing remedies, and helps us enjoy and accept more grace into our lives. To add beauty and harmony to your life, Haniel is the one to call upon. It deals with Moon energy, clairvoyance and grace and is the Angel of Feminine Support. Haniel is also said to be closely associated with Enoch, and that it was Haniel who escorted Enoch to the spiritual realm.
Haniel is in charge of those angelics who are empowered with the great strength of God to have a direct impact on the affairs of humanity. And, if called to, move a vast nation of hearts and minds to bring about change for the betterment of the planet Earth.? Haniel has been said to appear as an extremely beautiful woman, symbolizing beauty, friendship and pleasure. He’s purported to be able to turn something that’s barren into something fruitful, and change your mood from one of great sadness to happiness. ?Haniel will help those who wish to enhance their psychic and mystical energies by helping you to use the energies of the Moon. Arkangel Haniel assists in those areas of: Balance, Company,Crystals, Dignity, Emotions, Friends, Harmony, Healing, Rituals, Health, Intuition, Love, Lunar Energy, Performance, & Spirituality.

The Haniel vial brings to you the ability to recover advanced knowledge of healing and such. Most significantly it represents a connection for being able to change the consciousness/minds for a better planet.
Arkangel 14 / Haniel -


Harmony Boards – the flagship of the One Force product line. This is an all-purpose tool for clearing negative cell memory, crystals, laser scanned food, removes impurities from food & water, enhances psychic powers, relieves pain, clears chakras, absentia healing/clearing, money magnifier. Sleep with one under your pillow and you will wake up refreshed.
 Baby (4" x 4") - $20.00
 Junior (5" x 5") - $30.00
 Regular (7" x 7") - $40.00
 Jumbo (15" x 15") - $150.00
 Wallet Card (2" x 3.5") - $20.00


Space Board – the "Clacking Board" for deep energy-intensive balancing, clearing and making adjustments in the etheric body, which manifest later as adjustments in the physical body. Includes drawings, clacker and stylus. I use this as a lightening-fast method of clearing people of all sorts of interference, including that from ghosts, cords and implants. A complete chiropractic style adjustment can be done on the etheric body with this, which of course would manifest later in the physical body. Includes body charts, stylus, mallet & instructions.
 10" x 10" - $50.00

Wing Activator Kit
 The Wing Activator Kit –
(shown above) Intended for use with the rest of the Arkangel Project line, the Wing Activator Kit is very versatile. You can use it in conjunction with the vials, written affirmations, essential oils, stones or whatever else resonates with you. The kit includes a number of drawings to help you focus your intent with this tool, to do energy work on yourself or on others. Instructions included, but use your intuition and have fun.
Wing Activator - $125.00

The Wing Activator is a subtle energy palette for use with our Arkangel vials. It is quite versatile and can also be used with crystals, oils, affirmations too. It contains many replications of a design from Bolivia. The design contains sacred geometries, names etc. from all of Creation. The energy of the design is quite extraordinary, creating powerful vortexes of energy...

What are the 4 included pictures for?  These pictures can serve as a means of doing energy work on yourself or others.
* CHAKRA WORK:  First, place a piece of your subject’s hair anywhere on the picture. Then place 1 or more vials on the chakra centers in the picture. Remove when session is over.
* DNA WORK:  Placing different vials in various combinations on the DNA picture will do work on dna.. Again, place hair sample on picture first and remove when session is over.
* BODY BALANCING: Place hair sample on picture and place 1 or more vials on this picture to work on balancing out parts of the body. Remove vials when session is complete.

* Place vials on different circle locations for doing work on the energy body. Remove vials when session is complete.
*  When you use the Wing Activator it is similar to spreading the wings of your Arkangels. It’s a power booster. The effect, among other things, will be similar to turning on more of the body’s junk DNA.

What’s this junk DNA? In molecular biology, "junk" DNA is a collective label for the portions of the DNA sequence of a chromosome or genome for which no function has yet been identified. About 97% of the human genome has been designated as "junk" This means that you are only running on 3% of your capacity! Some believe that this is an evolutionary artifact and serves no present-day purpose. and since it is not understood it is labeled as junk... But recent studies have suggested functions for certain portions of what has been called junk DNA. Some consider the "junk" label as misleading. Others consider this junk dna has been stored away for possible new uses, rather than being thrown out.

In essence, the Wing Activator gives you a means by which you can manage the acceleration of the Arkangels. You can take it long and easy or short and to the point.

ORME Water Concentrate –  Having used the ORME Concentrate for some weeks, I can testify to its power. It is the living essence in water for your soul. It permits more direct communication with the Higher Self and helps the body to repair itself. You can expect everything from rapid healing and body detox, incredibly vivid numinous dreams, greater sensitivity to energies, and easier connection to divine guidance. Just put a teaspoon in a pint of regular bottled water (or 1/2 ounce per gallon), wait a few minutes and then enjoy or use in cooking. Daub the straight ORME concentrate on your hurt boo-boos or anoint your chakras. Add some to your pets' water or bath water. A little goes a long way.
ORME Concentrate  - $25.00 per pint

Biogene – enhances the cosmic heart connection for greater mental clarity and well-being. Helps the mind/brain to tune into the heart’s frequency and clear passages for the Ascension process. Very good for the immune system.

Tetrad Card – for energizing crystals, yourself, parts of the body, food and water. Works great in tandem with the Harmony Board.  Try carrying the small card in your pocket to give you an energy boost during the day.
Large - $30.00
Small (wallet size) - $30.00

PuppetMaster – the cosmic string cutter that removes mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual interference to greater enable a person to make their own decisions and stand in their integrity. Try putting a written set of specifications to manifest on it, or put a Polaroid photo of a person on it to help them become aware of and remove human obstacles barring their progress.
 $55.00 each.

GridMaster – helps stabilize the Earth’s natural energy grids (ley lines) and heals geopathic zones which can cause disease. Corrects areas of "bad energy" in your immediate area. Takes the place of very expensive ($1,500 and up) radionics tuners.  $80.00 each.